Friday, February 24, 2012

This week I am grateful for...

...Baby cuddles in an air-conditioned room…

Its been so hot and humid in the last few weeks, almost like summer has only just hit. The days have been long and steamy, making life uncomfortable for little bodies that just want to be held and cuddled.

In the evenings, I’ve been relishing stealing away with my little man to his dark, air-conditioned room, bundling him up in his “Wrap me up” sleeping bag, and cuddling and rocking him til he’s drowsy. Lately he’s been really holding on to his burps, sometimes still burping an hour and a half after his last feed – so I take him away from the noise and lights, away from his big sister during her “rowdy” part of the evening, and just pat, cuddle and sing Edelweiss to him til he’s settled. I don’t care how long it takes, its our special, secret time of day, just me and him.

...New shoes...

Skye had the great fortune to get TWO new pairs of shoes this week. And boy didn’t she love it! Shoe fetishes start early I guess. The first pair are a new pair of Crocs, in lilac, complete with Hello Kitty motif. Her last pair of Crocs have lasted almost a year – we were smart enough to buy a shoe size a little too large, which I must admit never deterred her or tripped her up in the slightest, despite her constant motion. She’s as sure-footed as a mountain goat and I think her life mantra should be “Why walk, when you can run, hop, jump or skip?”

Her new Crocs arrived in the mail while she was having a nap, so I unwrapped them and placed them on the coffee table, ready for her to find when she woke. True to form, as soon as she spotted them she grabbed them with a look of glee on her face, and innocently asked “Are these for me?”

Her new-shoe joy was complete a few days later when her beloved Auntie Nean delivered her an absolutely fabulous pair of Wellington Boots – her first pair! The novelty of these boots has yet to wear off, and she’s constantly clomping around the house in them. Even better, these boots have loops on either side so that she can easily pull them on herself… and so she does… oh my little girl is growing up too fast.

The last few days have been rainy, so I’m sure she’ll be wanting to go jump in muddy puddles in her new Wellys this weekend :)

...Fitting back into non-maternity clothes...

It seems to be taking somewhat longer after the second baby for the ol' body to bounce back to "normal".  Especially my hip bones.  But in the last few weeks I've been really happily surprised to fit back into some of my regular wardrobe.

Most days, especially when I'm staying home, I subscribe to the "wear whats comfortable to breastfeed in" rule - which I must admit, kinda limits your choice, especially in tops/shirts.  Even when you're going out and want to spruce yourself up a little bit, you still have to think about what you wear and whats going to make life easier for everyone.  I also must admit I'm very tired of still having to wear maternity pants, and I'm quite tired of feeling frumpy!

So to have my wardrobe choices expand every week is really quite lovely.  I stand in front of the mirror and do a happy dance, knowing that this is only the beginning.  And then I raid my entire wardrobe to find out what else fits now, and what else I still need to work towards. 


Time for me to go have a fabulous weekend with my family... and keep remembering to make each day count! 

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