Saturday, February 18, 2012

A day at the park

This week we took a trip to the park to feed the ducks.  Like most kids, Skye delights in throwing them crusts of bread and watching them scoop it up and fight over the crumbs.  I hadn't planned too well for this trip though, so that morning saw me rummaging through the freezer for a couple of old bread rolls, and a frozen pita bread - certainly not a duck's idea of a gourmet feast, but at least it was something to offer them!

All morning we talked about feeding the ducks, and meeting up with Skye's friend Sofia.  She was excited... I asked her "What do duckies say?  Do they say 'quack quack'?"

"No mummy, duckies cant talk!!"

Hmmm, cant argue with that!

The park was almost empty when we arrived, despite it being a beautiful sunny day.  We slapped on some sunscreen and quickly got busy on the swings - the first stop for any visit to the park.

Next it was time to investigate the fort and slippery slides

Hmmm, so who's going to go first?

I love the look of absolute delight on kids faces as they approach the playground equipment, ready to draw their courage together and try everything the park has to offer.  I especially love watching them come off at the bottom of the slide, with that jumping-up-and-down toddler excitement, ready to run back up to do it all again.

Kids teach you to take enjoyment out of the simplest things.  Its a shame that we forget that when we get older.

After exploring the swings and the fort, it was time to go in search of the ducks.

Umprompted, the girls held hands, and set forth on their mission...

The ducks and birds sensed our purpose and started to fly in from all directions, much to the excitement of the girls.  Shouts of "DUCKIES!!"  and "BIRDIES!!" filled the air.  These ducks are well fed, but they seemed keen for their breakfast that day.

We found ourselves a shady spot and prepared to share the bread.  The girls gave us a few heart attacks when they ventured too close to the edge of the water I must admit!  They had a great time, but the ducks didn't seem too impressed with the stale pita bread. 

We encountered a VERY confident black swan, who came almost right up to the bank.  Poor Skye was a little slow in throwing some bread to the swan, and consequently got her fingers nipped for her trouble.  We had a few tears, but after about 30 seconds she was over it and calmly went back to throwing bread to the swan and ducks.

Thats my girl!

I remember once when I was a kid of a about 4 or 5 years old at a park, a big pelican decided to walk towards me.  It didn't run at me.  It didn't flap its wings at me.  It just calmly walked towards me.  I freaked out and ran screaming back to mum.  I was such a shy, nervous little girl.    So I love how my little girl is so fearless sometimes, but then other times freaks out over something so small.  A big black swan nipped my fingers?  No biggie.  A teeny-tiny spider runs accross the floor in front of me?  AAARRGGHHH MUMMY SPIDER!!!!!! LOL!

The finger-biting black swan.  Must have been hungry... he looks pretty determined.

Sadly the bread supply dwindled, so we moved on to have ourselves a little picnic.  The girls entertained by singing and squealing to each other.  I love how they can keep themselves amused with the simplest things.

Koby did what all self-respecting 11 weeks old should do at the park - he napped...

So big sister took advantage of her extra 20 minutes (the duration of Koby's naps when we're out and about) and headed back to the playground, to tackle THE BIG SLIPPERY SLIDE.

Skye has attempted to climb this slide quite a few times in the past, and whats stopped her has been her nervous mummy!  Her confidence in all things physical knows no bounds, I'm sure she thinks she can fly sometimes, so I have to reign it in constantly and remind her that she might get hurt, and stop her from throwing herself headfirst.

But she's a big bad TWO year old now, so I let her climb it with my hands hovering behind her back.  A couple of times I actually touched her back as she climbed and I was frowned at, silly mummy, I can do it myself!   After about 10 climbs without any slips, or any trouble at all really, I felt like I could breathe enough to let her climb on her own, and took a couple of photos:

And of course the best thing about this was the slide back down!

All in all, a successful day at the park!

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Pip said...

Wow Hils! Such great pics! I have fond memories myself of days at the park when I was young! Skye looks very confident!