Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Enjoying the moments…

Time is getting away from me this year already. I cannot believe that my little princess is already 2, and my little man is 10 weeks old!

I’m super conscious right now of enjoying every precious moment with my little guy – 2 years with Skye has gone in the blink of an eye, and I know the same will be true with Koby. I want to soak it all in, enjoy all those little snuggly cuddles, make the most of his coo’s and goo’s, and cherish those quiet moments when its just me and him, nursing and gazing at each other.

I cant stop staring at his sweet little face. Every little part of him is perfect. He has the most gorgeous smile – I suppose all mums think their babies smiles are beautiful! But it truly just lights up his whole face, and he’s been smiling so much lately that it just melts my heart. He has a little one-piece suit which says “Daddy’s happy little chappy” – very true!

Skye is so delighted with her little brother that she constantly wants to kiss and cuddle him, hold him, pat him. She is so good with him, and I am so proud of the fact that she never gets angry with him or jealous of him. No – she saves that for me! It breaks my heart sometimes that when I sit down to feed him, she gets upset and says “No mummy, put Koby down? Don’t feed Koby!” My poor little poppet.

Necessarily, Skye is spending a bit more time with daddy lately. Part of me is sad that its not just me and my little buddy anymore. I wish I could divide myself in two and be with both of them at the same time! But part of me also loves watching her and daddy interact. They adore each other, she is definitely daddys little girl.

So far, we’re all sleeping well too! Skye still wakes at 5, or 5.30am – I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that her bodyclock is set to this time. Koby is a catnapper through the day, most naps are 30-45 mins and that’s it. BUT he has been doing longer and longer stretches at night, one night he even blessed us with 11.5 hours straight! Hubby jokingly had to ask “Is he still alive in there?” LOL! He normally sleeps at least 8 straight hours – the worst he’s done is a 6 hour stretch. I haven’t had to get up in the night to feed him for ages now, although every night I prepare myself that tonight will be the night!  I have been very very lucky to have had two great sleepers!

So we are very busy these days, enjoying our family time and trying to make the most of every special moment - and even though sometimes those 'moments' are a 2 year old tantrum, or baby spew on your shirt just as you are heading out the door - as long as we are all healthy and happy, nothing else matters!


Shar said...

Great post Hils and hearing someone state how precious time is (even though I do know that ) brought me back to earth with a thud after having a few days where I'm questioning being a mum.
Geez its hard work sometimes and having a 16yr old down to a 11mth old is a really hard gig, all worth it, yes, but hard all the same.

Thanks for the reminder and its so nice to hear how Skye is doing with her little bro.

linda said...

I can see why Koby's smiles melt you- he's gorgeous! It is such a precious time and it really does fly! It's good that you are appreciating that- I think my kids babyhood went by in a blur!

Hilary said...

I have to keep reminding myself of that constantly too Shar, but I take my hat off to you having 4 kids to deal with! Yeah Skye is loving her little brother, so cute!

Thanks Linda, we think he's pretty cute too :) Yes I'm so conscious of time passing this time around, every little cuddle with my baby is so special!

Hilary xx