Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break :)

I'm on holidays from my "day job" until the 17th, which has been awesome - apart from the rain! Its hard enough trying to keep a one year old entertained in this constant wet weather, I dread to think how other mums manage it with older kids.

Our Christmas was a bit of a bummer this year unfortunately. Our border collie X Keeshond decided to go for a wander on Christmas Eve. Hubby was mowing the lawn and had left the front gate open as he was going in and out. I didn't realise, and let Elke out to do her business... half an hour later I went outside and said "where's Elke?"... and that sparked 2 days of frantic searching, letterbox dropping, ringing the pounds and local vets, doorknocking, driving around the streets, printing posters (and trying to keep them waterproof in the neverending rain!)...

When she still wasnt home by that night, well I was pretty distraught. Christmas Day was a very emotional one for us. I feel sorry for Skye that our hearts weren't in it this year - we were trying to get excited about opening her presents, but with tears pouring down our faces :(
We hosted Christmas lunch, but I felt like I had to apologise to everyone because the meal was a disaster, green veggies overcooked and sloppy, meat gone cold, roast spuds started to burn etc because I wasn't able to concentrate properly.

On Boxing Day morning hubby went to put some rubbish out in the wheelie bin, turned around and there was Elke, safe and well (and completely dry too, despite the fact that it was thundering down with rain at the time!). Needless to say, he scooped her up inside and we both dived on her and hugged her silly - a HUGE relief! I guess we'll never know where she was - she had a very upset tummy for a few days, and was a bit smelly, but other than that she seems fine - just VERY clingy (and constantly underfoot) since she came home.

I guess you can tell I get a tad emotional about my pets LOL! I have heard of plenty of people whose pets fall by the wayside once they have a child. But I can assure you that is not the case in this household. My family means the world to me, and that includes the dog and cat.

Apart from that drama, Skye's first Christmas was good - she was completely bewildered of course and had no clue what was going on, but she seemed to enjoy having all the family around so she could show off! Seems that babies just love to be the centre of attention!

We also had Skye's first birthday party on Monday, which was really good - she had a great time running around with the other toddlers, they all stole each others sippy cups hehehe (somebody elses water obviously tastes better than their own LOL!) and generally ran around having a great time :) She had her very first cupcake too, and liked it so much that she stole half of one from her friend Georgia!

This week I have been steadily working away on my fitness goals for the next few months, and working through some mental roadblocks too. I feel a lot more pumped and ready to be fit and healthy again. Looking forward to picking up my orthotics from my podiatrist next week too, so I should be able to work up to running again without pain.

Anyway thats me up to date so far. Really looking forward to having an awesome 2011!


Kristy said...

I can't imagine loosing Jasper, Zena or Neddie, they are all my family to me too, so I can really understand where you are coming from.

So so happy the Elke has returned home.

Joanne said...

I have been "blog Hopping" today and came across your blog...My heart was in my throat while reading about your lost dog. That nearly happened to us. So happy that your dog came home. Blessings, Joanne

Kerry W said...

So relieved Elke came home. I think our pets know who really loves them. :) So it's good to hear things all worked out, Skye had a lovely birthday party and the year is starting off well for you, and you're back on track Hilary! Enjoy this last week of your holidays. :)