Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 1 Update

I’ve spent the last week watching the unfolding dramas in Queensland with horror – as I’m sure everyone has. We are a fair way from the flood affected areas, however I’ve grown up around Brisbane and its suburbs, and to watch so many familiar areas go under water, and then re-emerge covered in slimy, stinky mud has just been crazy. I’ve also spent a lot of time in Toowoomba, Warwick and the Lockyer Valley in the last few years as a sales rep and its been pretty unbelievable to see the devastation in those familiar streets too. My heart goes out to all those who’ve lost lives, and who’ve lost everything.

Despite being glued to the TV last week, I’ve been doing great with my 12 week challenge. Last week I completed 3 weights sessions and 5 cardio sessions. I have to do this at 5am while Skye is still asleep – otherwise there is no way on earth I’d get it done!

Food has been pretty good – I had one day where I forget to eat a meal, and I went a little overboard on Saturday night with a free meal (lesson learned!), but all up its been really easy. I’m really enjoying each and every meal I have, which I’m very happy about!

My major challenge last week was drinking enough water. I’ve averaged around 2 litres each day, but need to work on that. I’ve now got reminders going off (rather annoyingly!) on my iphone so I’ve been doing better the last few days.

My poor little poppet was due for her 12 month vaccinations last Tuesday, but she woke up that morning with a high temperature and a severe case of the miseries… I took her to the docs appointment anyway, but they sent us away and wouldn’t do the vaccination until she was better. Panadol helped temporarily, but she had a temp of 38.8C that night which was a little worrying for me! It was our first fever, and she was off-colour and a very upset little camper for a few days – she’s not been sick before so it was a new experience for both of us! She’s fine now, and unfortunately had her vaccination today :( lots of tears, but that’s it now for another 6 months.

(Just on this: I have been so worried about getting this MMR needle done since she was born! I just worry so much about the autism link. I KNOW its been disproved, but once the idea is there, its really hard to NOT think about it)

I got my custom orthotics on Friday. Podiatrist cautioned me to go slow with them – wear them in, wear them around the house – increase by half an hour every day etc. He suggested I don’t actually exercise in them for a week, and certainly don’t run for a few weeks.

So what did I do? I wore them in my shoes around for a few hours on Saturday, they felt fine so I went for a big hilly powerwalk with Elke on Sunday.

DUMB move.

Now I have extremely painful shin splints, and my right arch is aching. GAH!

This morning after weights I was struggling to walk on the treadmill at 6km/hour because of how sore my shins were. Stupid stupid girl!

Now I’m going to have to use my much hated cross trainer while I try to let my shins have a rest :(

I've also got to get myself some better quality runners - podiatrists orders!

Ok – here’s to another good week!


Magda said...

Its a great feeling when you tick off so many boxes, isnt it Hilary? Never mind about those where you didnt quite make it as long as you improve over week 2. Keep up the great work.


Kerry W said...

It's good to read you got a good start to your challenge Hilary. :) It's only the first week, and as you very well know, it can take a couple of weeks to get into the groove of your program. Well done on getting up at 5am! How motivated are you???

Hilary said...

Yep totally agree Magda, as we say, its all about progress, not perfection!

Thanks Kerry - its pretty easy to get up at 5am at the moment because thats when hubby gets up anyway :)