Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weigh in day

Week 2 is going well!

I woke up on Wednesday morning with a headache, but dragged myself out of bed anyway and pushed through some weights. Thursday morning I had scheduled in some longer, lower intensity cardio, but woke up with another headache – so I stayed in bed!

Felt a little bit guilty, but I reasoned with myself that it doesn’t matter WHEN I do these sessions through the week, just as long as they get done.

Friday morning after another weights session, Skye decided that 6am was a good time to wake up (normally she waits until at least 6.30 – 7am), after I’d clocked up a huge 3 minutes on the treadmill… bugger! Never mind, when hubby came home that afternoon he was on child-minding duties while I got my treaddie session done.

I finally went to the Athletes Foot on Thursday too and got myself fitted for some running shoes more suited to my foot problems and pronation. Now that my orthotics are in my new shoes, they have a whole different feel to when they were in my old shoes… definitely going to take some wearing in!

This morning was my fortnightly weigh and measure day. Wasn't expecting much change in the number on the scales because TTOTM arrived unexpectedly through the week. Feeling very flabby through the tummy area (I’ve never carried a lot of fat through the tummy before, I’ve always been a pear shape with a bigger butt and thighs – but pregnancy seems to have changed that – or else its age creeping up on me!)

Anyway, on the scales I've only shed 300g, however I was quite pleased to see that I've lost 8cms all up, and am down 2.5% bodyfat! I use digital calipers, so it was nice to see that I've also lost 9mm in two weeks too.

Very much looking forward to seeing those numbers drop even further in the coming weeks.

In other news, I have to go to the dentist on Monday and have a crown put on a cracked molar... eeeek! Really NOT looking forward to that! Hope its not too scary!


Rose said...

Heya, i've just found your blog and I must say your very inspiring! A resolution of mine this year is to get an excersize routine going. I was hoping you might have some tips on motivating myself and achieving this goal. Im a pretty unfit 17 year old...

- I like the comment on leaving notes around the place to remind yourself. Thank you!

linda said...

well done on this challenge! I'm hoping to get some inspiration from you to do one myself!! Soon!!
Good luck with dentist- nothing is as scarey as you think it will be!

Magda said...

Nice work!!

:-) Magda