Wednesday, September 01, 2010

More sleep please...

Feeling good and on track at the moment after a bit of a tough fortnight! I have to admit that I dropped the ball a little with regards to my own health and fitness. No excuses, I know! But the reason is because of sleep deprivation.

Now I always thought that once a baby learned to sleep through the night, they KEPT doing it. Boy has that belief been well and truly shattered! We have always swaddled Skye for sleeps, and she sleeps great while wrapped (except for that horror 6 weeks when she was 4 months old). I was happy to keep wrapping her except for the fact that she started rolling over in her sleep, and waking up on her tummy with her arms pinned to her sides - well naturally she didn't like it and screamed and grizzled until she was 'rescued'.

So we started on the journey of re-training her to sleep unwrapped... and its been a bit challenging! We did it gradually, but she started waking 3-4 times a night again, and needing help to get back to sleep... I'd forgotten how draining it can be to get by on such small amounts of sleep!

Anyway, last night she slept from 7pm til 4.45am - so not too bad - fingers crossed she's getting the hang of it now :)

But I would like to know how you get a baby to sleep til 7am?? Skye thinks that by 5-5.30am its time to get up and start the day, and actually I'd even take 6am at this stage, that would be a sleep in! We have tried letting her cry it out (many times)- anywhere from 3-4am - but generally she will just grizzle and whinge for 1-2 hours non-stop, until one of us gets the shits and gets up! She's just got this internal clock that says 5-5.30am is when the day starts...

But anyway - back on track this week, no more excuses.

I'm also trying to find a protein powder that I can use while breastfeeding - I need one with no artificial sweeteners (including Sucralose) because I'm allergic to them - I used to use All Natural Whey, which is sweetened with Stevia, but it also has 1000mg of L-Glutamine per serve, which has not been tested as safe to use when breastfeeding... if anyone has any ideas I'd be really grateful!

My little one is 35 weeks old now - 8 months! Where is the year going???


Buda said...

Hi... it's the first blog of fitness I found, hehe, I found you bye a link of PLACEBO, yeah!!! it's my favourite band, hehe... about sleep, I don't much hours per day, like 6 or 4 hours, hehe, I know this is poor and bad sleep but ths school doesn't permit me much time, hehe, nice blog..

greetings from Mexico

linda said...

I can't remember how we extended the sleeping- I'm sure it had nothing whatsoever to what we did! babies seem to come with their own bodyclock! maybe when Skye starts moving around more she will be more tired and will sleep longer. Can you extend the 'going to bed' time? Perhaps if she goes down at 8pm instead of 7pm you might be granted that hour at the other end of the sleep!!
Just keep in mind- that by the time she's 21 you won't have this particular problem. I used to find that keeping that in mind helped me to negotiate- walking, toilet training and eating solids!!! lol good luck.

Alicia said...

Oh god as soon as you find out, can you let me know? Ava decides that 5am is the time to start chatting and will do so for about an hour. Then she'll go back to sleep at 6am for 30-45 minutes!

Shar said...

Search 'Boomers' all natural nothing artifical, comes from herds that are free range on pastures in NZ.
Safe during preg so I presume ok during B/Feeding.

Re: sleep not sure about how to change it, is her room dark? maybe try the later bedtime by 1/2 hour as suggested by Linda.
Freddy likes 6am, so I'm taking that right now as it could be worse!! plus I have to start my day then due to the other kids and school etc.

Shar x

Hilary said...

Thanks Buda!

Linda we've tried putting her to bed at all different times, it doesn't seem to help - she seems to wake up at the same time every day! I keep reminding myself that one day she'll be a teenager who wont want to get out of bed, who knows everything and will be giving me attitude all day!

Its fun isn't it Alicia! At least you just get the cute babbling - we get the grizzling come through the monitor. I turn it off quite often these days, but I can still hear her :)

Thanks Shar - I will have a look for that brand, sounds good. Lucky you, 6am would be great! Yeah we have blockout blinds in her room (mind you, its still dark outside when she wakes anyway, so thats not it) - I'm thinking I'm just going to have to live with it!

Hilary xx

sarahz said...

My 3 1/2 year old gets up about 5 - 5.30am and the 21month old anywhere from 5.30am onwards. I think its just their body clock. I have tried putting them to bet a bit later and it makes no difference.