Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More on sleep

Well we are finally getting some good sleep in this house! For the last week we've been using a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace, and despite my skepticism, things definitely seem to be different... better. I did a bit of internet research before I bought one (initially I thought that it was for chewing on! No - its for wearing only, the amber releases oils into the skin, which supposedly has a healing, soothing effect). I was concerned that Skye might try to start chewing on it, or tugging on it, but she doesn't even notice that she's got it on - she just accepts it like its an item of clothing. Its short enough so that she cant see it, and it has a knot in between each small bead so that if it did break, only one bead is lost or has the chance of scattering. Its also got a plastic clasp which is designed to break under pressure, in case it gets caught on anything. I ended up getting ours on eBay!

So even though I bought it as a "teething necklace", it seems to be helping Skye stay asleep - a nice bonus! All of a sudden she seems to be able to self-settle - yes she's still waking, but she doesn't need me to help her back to sleep any more (touch wood!) The first few nights, she was still waking once or twice a night, having a little whinge, but after a minute or two she'd go back to sleep. The last few nights she's gone to bed around 7.30pm, and I dont hear a murmour until about 5am, when she has a little chat to herself for a while, then sleeps again until much later in the morning. On Saturday we had to go in to wake her at 8am - unheard of!!


I have to admit, this kid cracks me up! Her latest thing is this HUGE fake smile LOL! She has figured out that if she smiles at people, they pay attention to her and say nice things to her. So if we're at the shops and I've got her sitting in the trolley, she carefully watches people as we go past (to the point of craning her neck to see them as they go by)... and the second that somebody looks at her, she instantly puts on this massive smile - all gums and teeth on display, eyes crinkled up etc (she smiles so hard its a wonder her face doesn't hurt) - the minute they look away, or if they dont notice her, the smile instantly drops off and she's looking for her next "victim" LOL!!

She does the same with the camera - if she notices the camera on her she stops what she's doing and smiles hehehe... hmmmm, wonder where she gets that from??!!

She's now crawling all over the house, getting more adventurous - exploring the house without me. She'll happily play on the kitchen floor with a few Tupperware containers and plastic spoons while I cook. Or stand up holding onto my legs. She falls over and hits her head almost daily too - to the point where I'm a bit concerned about taking her out in public because of the number of bruises on her forehead, I worry about what people might think!


Alicia said...

That necklace sounds like a miracle! LOL she's such a little character :) You're doing a fantastic job honey xoxo

Nicole said...

So good to hear the necklace is working for you! I bought a necklace and a braclet from the same place and received them today :)

OMG! That is too funny about her fake smile haha What a little character!

Rolling over for Eva is like so yesterday for her now as all she wants to do now is sit! So lovely to see them develop each day :)

Look forward to catching up again soon. Nicole xx

Amber Artisans said...

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alex said...

Hello, i'm Alex ,I visit your blog and i like it very much!you have a 10 for creativity !good luck!

Pip said...

Hi Hils,

Wow, life sounds busy. Skye would be growing up so fast! Those smiles of hers crack me up! It won't be too long till she's walking!

Hope you continue to do well with getting more sleep and also the jogging/training. I've still been reading blogs, just not so active in commenting lately as I've had a few new things on.

Pip :-)