Saturday, October 02, 2010

Busy busy busy

Well things just seem to be getting busier around here!

I have been very slack with visiting and commenting on blogs lately (sorry!) - I still read blogs (mostly on my iphone - but its too hard to comment from there, I've tried a few times but my comment always disappears so I've given up!) but havent had much chance to read and comment properly lately.

One reason is that I'm now employed again! I approached my work about the possibility of working from home, and they have very kindly found me something that I can do... just 10-12 hours a week at this stage, which is great. But it means that when Skye is asleep, I need to be working. Its great because it gives me the freedom to be a "stay at home mum", but also bring in some income too. But its challenging too - because as we all know, often babies dont sleep when they are supposed to!

Of course I'm still working as a feedback coach for IBO too, which I also do when Skye is asleep, or when hubby gets home. Plus running around after my little crawling monster while she's awake and trying to keep her out of trouble, and doing all the other "mum" and "wifey" things, and still trying to get out of the house a few times a week so that I dont go stir-crazy!

So, blog has been a bit neglected! Admittedly, so has training this week as I've tried to get myself organised. My poor brain is struggling to have to think so much again, and I've got so much on my mind that I'm struggling to fall asleep at night.

So anyway, just a short update today - hope to get back on here a bit more often!


Shar said...

Great news about working from home Hils, but yes like you said, day to day can change if somethings not quite right with bubs etc so I suppose its all about being adaptable.

I can't believe Skye is 9 months old! We'll be seeing the 1st birthday party pics soon, so scarey!!!

Shar x

linda said...

isn't it fantastic how employment can be so flexible? It's really good to have other things to do other than chase babies all day. Keeps you sane- sort of! Our youngest granddaughter is 13months old now and walking everywhere. I'd forgotton how cute they were at this age- I love the re-living of kids- without all the responsibility and hard work! lol

Alicia said...

Congrats on being able to work from home :) Trust me, you'll feel awesome once that first pay goes into your bank account.

Andrea said...

It is always nice to have a bit of extra money coming in! I saw your pic of giggle and hoot on facebook today. They are fun aren't they. H is addicted to Yo Gabba Gabba.

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