Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jogging again

Lately, I've been feeling like I want to jog. I'm not a natural runner, and I haven't run since before I was pregnant. But in the last few weeks, I felt the urge to get jogging for some reason.

We have a cross trainer at home, which I really dislike using. I think there is something wrong with it because even on the lowest level (1), its so hard to get moving! Level 1 feels like a level 10. Maybe the tension needs adjusting, but its electric, so I'm not sure how you do that.

Anyway - I've been pondering HOW I'm going to be able to go for a jog. I cant really take Skye with me, because its too hilly where I live to be pushing a stroller AND jog at the same time, and there aren't even any footpaths - so that option is out. I cant go early in the morning because she wakes around 5-5.30am, still dark outside before then. I cant really go when hubby gets home from work, because by then its pretty much time for me to start dinner.

So yesterday I did the only thing I could think of - while Skye had her morning nap, I went for a jog out in the backyard . Its 90 metres from our back fence to our front fence - with a slight upward slope. I managed to jog up and back 4 times before stopping to gasp for breath LOL! Heart rate was through the roof too - then I continued on, combining jogging with walking - managed about 20 minutes before I collapsed in a heap. I ended up jogging UP the slope and walking down it, because halfway through, I suddenly remembered that jogging downhill always gives me shin splints.

Today I'm limping, as I expected. My calves are CAINED, and my shins aren't too happy either - but it felt so GOOOOOD! I loved seeing my beetroot red face in the mirror afterwards - been a long time since I worked so hard - even felt a bit nauseous for a while afterwards. Elke (the dog) had so much fun chasing me back and forth too :)

Cant wait to do it again now!


Kelly and Kane said...

Hi Hilary,
I have been reading a blog for a while now and the girl who writes it was a walker, she has only begun jogging/running this past few months and uses a online program called couch to 5K (I think), I thought it may give you some ideas for your running. Here is her link:
Hope it helps,

Alicia said...

Yay another runner! Definitely download the Couch to 5K podcasts, they tell you when to jog and when to walk. Want to do the 10km in the Gold Coast Marathon with me next year? you know you want to ;) xoxox

Hilds said...

Well done for thinking outside the square! I'm about to buy a new treadmill as i know once bubs arrives running outside just isn't going to happen for a long time! I'm already hanging to get back into it all and I've only stopped running a couple months back.
How long did it take you to start exercising after bubs was born?

Hilary said...

Thanks Kelly, I will have to check that out!

Hmmm Alicia, you've given me something to ponder... I'll have to get back to you on that!

Hilds I'd love a treadmill at home, I think that would be a great option. After Skye was born I think I started going for walks with the stroller after a month or two, but nothing really strenuous or structured until she was about 5 months old - once we'd got past that "4 month sleep regression" and we were all able to sleep for longer at night (ie until I got some decent sleep of longer than 2 hours straight) I just didn't feel up to getting back into it fully.

Hilary xx

Dianna Broeren said...

Awesome work Hilary! Nothing can hold you back! Love Di