Monday, August 02, 2010

Back in the swing...

One week down and I'm feeling SO much better about myself now that I'm back in the swing of things. Last week I completed 3 weights sessions and 4 cardios, and feeling good. Have seen a small drop in the scales so far, which I'm quite happy about.

I got hubby to take some "before" photos on the weekend - eeeek! Not real excited about those at the moment :) Have to say that it was a bit tough to squeeze myself into my bikini top - I've grown a bit in that department, and was very much spilling out of it, both front and sides! The joys of breastfeeding!

Sunday was back and triceps. I was a bit concerned at how I was going to target my lats seeing as how I dont have a lat pulldown at home. So I did bent over rows, DB pullovers and self-assisted wide grip chins... and the pullovers and self assisted chins have got my lats nice and sore. Hubby went rummaging through the shed and found his springs that he uses for lats... think handles, attached to springs, which you can hook onto something up high - like a beam. So I'll be giving these a go next time!

Today was leg day again, followed by a powerwalk with Skye in the Baby Bjorn and Elke dragging me along - so I'll be aching again tomorrow no doubt. I also had a visit to the chiro this moring - I'm needing my regular chiro adjustments more than ever lately, carrying around a baby on one hip all the time really seems to throw your back and hips out.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of catching up with Alicia and her beautiful little girl Ava. It was nice to get out and talk mum stuff, and get the girls to meet each other too :)

Anyway, nothing really exciting to post about today - can you believe that I started typing this post Monday morning, it has taken me 3 goes to finish it and its as boring as hell! Ha!


Alicia said...

The first meeting of the "Anti Mother's Group" was quite successful! Cant wait to catch up with you again next month xoxo

LizN said...

The Anti Mothers Mothers Group? Love it? I never belonged to a Mum's group so can relate.
Hope the DOMS aren't too bad