Monday, August 09, 2010


On Friday it was Elke’s 7th birthday (our Border Collie cross Keeshond) – so I made sure I gave her lots of cuddles, and she had a great big bone for breakfast too :)

When Skye came along I was determined not to neglect our pets, since they really do mean the world to me.
Sure, I certainly have a lot less time to devote to Elke and Connor the cat, but I still consider them to be my kids too – its just they are a little lower in the pecking order these days. My cat still sits on my lap at night after Skye has gone to bed, and Elke is probably getting more attention now than she ever did before, with walks, frisbee throwing, and the fact that she is indoors with me 24/7 these days.
Elke is a little 'miffed' that there's another little princess in the house now, but she's pretty good with her. Mind you - I would NEVER leave them alone together. Elke is starting to wake up to the fact that a baby drops food everywhere, so she hangs around a bit more now and when Skye's moved away Elke swoops in and hoovers up the crumbs :) But when Skye decides she wants to give Elke a pat, Elke takes the bolt!
Connor was totally aloof when Skye first arrived. He merely came up and gave her a sniff, and walked away and ignored her like a good Siamese cat should. However in the last couple of months he's started to get more interested in her, and even venturing in for a pat now and then. I'm trying to teach Skye the meaning of the word "GENTLE" when she pats him, but without luck so far! She grabs chunks of fur and gives it a good tug - and he happily lies there purring away!
I think Connor is pretty safe with her though, he is 13 years old now, and his teeth are so blunt that he cant break the skin if he bites, and he has long since stopped sharpening his claws (I have to cut them for him, lazy bugger!)


We had a bonfire night here on Saturday night, along with a BBQ and LOTS of marshmallows roasted on the fire - yum! I ate a fair few, far more than I should have - sugar overload! I didn't get to bed until after midnight, and that is a VERY late night for us! I had two glasses of bubbles over the entire night, but I just didn't really feel like drinking much. We are both starting to laugh at ourselves because we just dont really want to drink like we used to. One glass of wine is usually enough for me, any more than that and I feel so dehydrated the next day. Plus I'm still breastfeeding Skye, so its not like I can get rolling drunk anyway - even if I wanted to!

Felt a bit bloated yesterday after eating all that party food. Last week was ok training wise, got 3 weights in but not enough cardio. So today I went hard on the cross trainer, and then this afternoon I took Skye and Elke for a powerwalk. Busy week this week so I've got to stay focused!


Anonymous said...

Ergh. Just on blogger profile so I can comment easier.. for some reason I haven't been able to comment on anyone's blog and it's hella frustrating! I've tried to leave elebenty billion on your recent posts and each time they get less inspired, cos I know blogger will eat them.

Anyway able to comment now and just wanted to tell you how gorgeous that pic with Skye and Connor is :) LOVE. She's growing up so quickly.

Awesome to see you back with training - I've always had ultimate respect for people who train and manage a family.. TOUGH.. i'm flat out just managing myself!


amanda peters said...

Love reading your blog Hils as you are a Mum just like me, trying to run the family and look after yourself! Not easy huh?!
Lovely piccies, boy Skye's growing up fast? My baby is now 5 and in prep!!
Life passes us by way too fast :(