Friday, April 06, 2007

Tired & Busy

Long time no post!!!

I am so tired right now that I could fall off the chair zzzzzzzzz

My week has been very busy, starting with my training course in Melbourne. I should have checked out my hotel a bit better, because I ended up staying right on the train tracks, opposite Rod Laver Arena. I dont think the trains stop until after midnight, and they start again around 5am. So very little sleep for this little bunny for the two nights I was there. Then there was the full-on course, being tired didn't help there AT ALL!!! Of course there was role playing (why do they always have to do role playing???) and group presentations, as well as all the theory etc, so by the time I got home at 10 o'clock on Tuesday night I was shattered.

Tried to eat well whilst I was away, took some protein bars for meals 2 and 4, but some of my other choices could have been better. I managed to do a pathetic weights session on Tuesday morning, and then did a 30 min powerwalk on the treadmill at the hotel "gym" (I use the term loosely!)

Anyway, back home I skipped training on Wednesday morning in favour of an extra hour in bed. I'm still not sleeping well - finding that I'm nodding off on the lounge, then when I go to bed I'm wide awake, churning stuff over in my mind. grrrrrrrrrrr Sometimes I just cant switch it off!

This week we had the outside of our house painted, and the roof. Had a bit of a drama on Wednesday because when we got home the colour on the walls was totally horrible! So our painter friend had to come back on Thursday and re-paint in a new colour. Will post some pics on the weekend.

Today I'm going down to Broadbeach to have brunch with a friend I havent seen for ages. Then for the rest of the weekend I am going to start painting the spare bedrooms - cant wait to get stuck into it!

AND.... the good news is that my eye operation has finally been rescheduled for Monday the 16th of April! YAY!

Have a fabulous easter everyone!


LizN said...

I know what you mean about hotel "gyms" - so full of promise, but delivering nothing! HOpe you have a very peaceful Easter Weekend.


little rene said...

Hey Hils

I know what you mean in regards to "role playing"! Everytime we have an inservice or any type of professional development we seem to get bombarded with it! It is really tiresome stuff!

Have a relaxing Easter and enjoy some time off :)

Shar said...

GREAT news about your eye surgery!

Have a good Easter.

Shar x

RaeC said...

Describing about how tired you are on the couch and then how much your mind races when you're in bed is EXACTLY what is happening to me!! Hopefully you've caught up on some sleep now. I've managed to sleep like a log the last couple of nights.

Have a great Easter honey and good luck with the eye op!! xxx

Selina said...

Was wondering where you'd gotten to!!! :)
HOpe you enjoy this weekend now, and get to catch up on some sleep!
Great news about the eye surgery :)

Rebecca said...

Happy Easter Hilary!! I am so glad to hear that your eye surgery has been booked in now, yay!! At least you know when it will all be over and done with.

Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Hello gorgeous, thanks for popping in and leaving some encouragement on my page! I cannot wait for the next 6 weeks and know I'll start seeing even more exciting changes in the weeks to come. I took progress measurements and photos this morning and posted them up a few minutes ago.

Its hard to judge yourself when you're looking in the mirror several times a day, every day!

Best wishes with your eye surgery and look forward to seeing the pics of the house!!

Have a wonderful Easter and avoid those choccies!

xxx hillary

Michelle said...

That's a week away!

Fingers crossed for you!!

Happy Easter!

XX - Michelle

Ali said...

So glad to read that they have rescheduled your eye op!!

Hope your painting is going along well and that you have managed to get some good sleep!!take care and enjoy the rest of your week