Thursday, April 26, 2007


Its official... the vision in my right eye is now BETTER than 20/20!!!!  I was over the moon when I found that out.  Went back to the surgeons office on Tuesday and found out that its all healing very nicely, my vision has now stabilised and the new lens is sitting in the right place.  Here's an interesting fact: did you know that 20/20 vision is actually the 3rd line from the bottom of the eye chart???  I didn't know that.  With both eyes open I can read the bottom line, but with my left eye closed I could sort-of read the 2nd bottom line.  Interestingly, he said that if I'd had LASIK instead of the ICL, we would be waiting another week to have the same result in vision.  BIG thank you to you all for your wonderful comments over my last couple of posts - I'm sure all your positive messages have added to a speedy eye recovery!

Anzac Day yesterday, I took a few moments to think about all those who have fought for us.  I have not been to an Anzac Day March in years though, and I think its about time I went to another.  I have a problem though, I cannot hear "The Last Post" without getting all choked up, teary,and goosebump-y.  Its a very emotional tune...  

Yesterday we went to visit a friend in hospital who had her first baby on Tuesday night.  So I got to cuddle a baby not even a day old!  Very cute, he was quiet as a mouse too.  Normally they start crying when I pick them up - I always thought it was me!!  And ANOTHER boy!!  I dont know anyone who's had a girl lately.  Must be something in the water.

Hit it a little bit harder at the gym today - did 30 mintues on the cross trainer - had my heart rate up to 150bpm, and then followed with 20 minutes incline walking.  Dont know if I did too much, as my eye feels a bit funny now.  I'm sure it will be fine.  I am champing at the bit to get back into weight training - cant wait to have some DOMS again!  I feel like my muscles are going to mush with all this waiting... oh well - only a week and a half to go!

Good luck to all the girls who are competing this weekend!!!  And I cant wait to see the Queensland girls in action on Sunday!  I promise I will take lots of pics!


Splice said...

Great nwes about your 20/20 vision, you have had an journey with all that you poor thing.

I recieved your text on Sunday, thanks for letting me know you couldn't make it, I would have been wondering where you were lol.

Im also looking forward to catching up with you at the show, it seems to be our regular place to meet up.

Make sure the batteries are fully charged on the camera as there will be a few girls that you know on stage :-)


LizN said...

Dear Hilary,

That is awesome news about your vision. It's such a wonderful experience after wearing glasses and contacts for so long.


Janew said...

Hi Hilary,thats excellent news on the 20/20!
also great work in the gym,its really cool that although you have to go lighter with your training,that you are still training.Most people would look at it as an opportunity to be lazy!!but not you!!

have fun and take heaps of piccies on Sunday. I wont be there so make sure you post them quickly!!!
jane xo

Antigone said...

Thats wonderful hun, I am so glad that everything worked out well with your vision :)
Don't work too hard have some rest :)
Have a fantastic weekend hun.

Sam D-M said...

Awesome news on your vision!!!!

Im with you on the getting teary when hearing the last post.

Smash that cardio girl!


Andj said...

Hi Hils
Awesome news about your eyes.
I really wish that the comp on sunday started a bit later than 9 am. Mark is going away on Monday so it will be my last day with him for 2 weeks - so I am a bit torn between wanting to go to the comp and wanting to be with him.
We will see how things pan out.