Monday, April 09, 2007

Little miss naughty

Here is Miss Elke... aka little miss naughty. On Thursday while we had our house-painter friends paint the outside of our house, Elke decided that she loves them soooooo much that she would "help" them paint.... with her body. Hence the paint streaks all over her right hip area!!
And here is the front entry now - instead of brown bricks and a khaki green roof, we now have an Ironstone roof, and stone coloured walls. The beginnings of our future front patio are in evidence at the front.

I have been inspired by Di this weekend, I keep thinking "if Di can do 8 cardio sessions this weekend, I can AT LEAST do 4". I've done 3 so far, going to attempt a HUGE hill walk this afternoon. I didn't do any exercise yesterday - I felt really dizzy and nauseous for some reason, and then I had a headache that just wouldn't go away. Feel better now, so dont know what that was about.
Unfortunately I did manage to eat some easter eggs this weekend, it had been sooo long since I last had chocolate that I decided to treat myself. But its left me feeling yuk, so actually not really a treat huh? Anyway for easter we bought ourselves a couple of CD's, and I got a new book too :)

One week til the eye operation, and I'm feeling incredibly excited this time - the nerves havent hit yet and I'm hoping they'll stay away. I'm just focusing on all the great things that will come out of this - bye bye glasses and contact lenses!!!

Back to work tomorrow, but at least its a short week! Have a great day everyone!


Di Broeren said...

Good effort on all of your own cardio! At least you can feel comfortable about burning off some of those eggs : )

Arnie was Mr Naughty yesterday while we were out walking. I even threatened to give him away!

See you soon.

LizN said...

It's wonderful not having to wear glasses or contacts any more. I had very bad short sight (my glasses were starting to look like the bottom of coke bottles).
I love the house :)


Janew said...

Hi Hilary....awwww but Miss Naughty is sooo cute!You couldnt stay to mad at her for long :)

Thats great that you trained hard and did heaps of cardio,you go girl.

jane xo

Shar said...

Well done with your weekend Cardio!

ope you are enjoting your short week and feeling OK as your eye op approaches.... at last.

Shar x