Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just call me "snot-queen"

Yes, its gross, but that's what I am at the moment - Snot Queen. I dont know where it all comes from, but I blow my stupid nose every couple of minutes until its empty, and yet 5 minutes later, its full of snot again. My poor nose is red raw, dry and scratched from all the blowing! I'm taking a day/night cold and flu tablets, which are supposed to dry my nose up (yeah right) but I dont think they're helping much. I got up this morning to find that it has travelled down into my throat and chest, so now I've got a phlegmy cough too - ah the joys! If its not better by tomorrow, I'm going to the doctor.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I actually did NOTHING on my birthday. My wonderful fiance made me breakfast in bed - french toast. It was so sweet, just unfortunate that I couldn't taste it because I've lost my sense of smell and taste at the moment. Then I lazed around the house, did my ironing for the week, had some family pop in for a little while. We went out for dinner to our local Indian restaraunt - but I still couldn't taste anything!

Yesterday was the first day back at work, and boy was I dreading it! It wasn't too bad - spent a large amount of the day telling people about the holiday, showing the photos, blowing my nose and sifting through hundreds of emails. We had a birthday cake (caramel mud) too, which was lovely. I'm trying to get back into my normal routine with eating - but I feel like my system has shut down a bit though. Metabolism has definetely slowed - I had to force myself to eat all my meals, just wasnt hungry. Hopefully it wont take long to get it firing again. I want my appetite (and my tastebuds) back!

Still have not done any exercise - I'm dying to get back into it, when this cold eases up I will start back. Will hopefully be able to go back to gym later this week, and will start hitting the weights again next week. That should help in terms of getting some energy back too. My muscles have ceased to exist - I want my shoulder definition back!!!!

Well thats about it for now, with any luck my next post will see me bouncing off the walls!


jodie said...

Get better soon, it sounds like it certainly has got hold of you. Take it easy and ease back into exercise.

Shar said...

you sound really poorly.

Hope it starts to ease soon.

Don't put too much pressure on to get back to the gym, you must get better!

Shar x

Janew said...

Hi Hilary,that cold has surely got a hold of you!hope its all better soon :)
Take it easy and get better
Jane :)

Di Broeren said...

That title might just stick with you! Happy Belated Birthday.

Look on the positive side though....at least your lack of taste stopped you from over eating : ) Imagine how much crapper you would have felt then!

He he he!

Di Broeren said...


CJ said...

Get better soon. Happy belated birthday!

jodie said...

oooh i like your new blog!! Very snazzy :)

Kelly said...

Love the new look blog. Hope you're feeling better.

Lia Halsall said...

LOOOOOVE the new blog! It is so you. :o)

P.S. Sorry to hear that you're still battling that dreaded cold, it must like you and has obviously set up permanent residence in your head. LOL!! ;o)

Lia xx

Hilary said...

Thanks Jodie, lots of rest is the plan!

Hi Shar - its difficult not to be champing at the bit to get back into it, but I will take it easy.

Thanks Jane! On the mend now I hope.

Di you were right - lack of taste really DID mean that I didn't overeat. Eating is a bit of a chore when you cant taste anything!

Thanks CJ - the birthday was a bit of a non-event!

Jodie I spent hours searching for a new design - glad you like it!

Thanks Kelly, the drugs are working and I'm starting to feel better.

Lia I think you're right - I needed a little extra help to kick out the germies in there!