Friday, January 26, 2007

Still jet lagged

Thank you so much to everyone for your warm wishes and congratulations - it means so much to me!! Thank you!

I am so glad that I took this extra week off to recover - I am still jet lagged! We have been home now for 6 days and I still feel like crap. By the second day I was back to normal sleeping habits, and I'm sleeping like a log each night (having some crazy dreams too) but I still feel like my feet are made of concrete, I feel like I have no strength. I go through short bursts of energy, but the rest of the time I feel so fatigued that all I can manage is to sit and read or watch the tennis.

Yesterday we went out for about 2 hours, but we had to cut it short and come home, because I could barely manage all the walking/climbing in and out of the car/climbing stairs etc.

The bad news is that I have put on about 4 kgs in 5 weeks. I read in a medical book that a diet rich in carbohydrates will help the body to combat jet lag, so I have been having carbs with every meal. I dont know if it is helping or not!!! Anyway, next week I go back to work, so I'm planning on hitting the gym from Monday too - as long as I feel up to it that is. Fingers crossed!

Here's a couple more photos from the trip - I have about 500 to choose from!

Caernarfon Castle, North Wales

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Inside the Colosseum, Rome

The beautiful ski fields of Schlick 2000, Innsbruck - Austria.
Happy Australia Day everyone!!!


Rebecca said...

Hi Hilary,

Those pictures are gorgeous!

I hope that the jet lag subsides soon. I am sure that once you are back in a routine things will settle down.

Don't worry about the extra kilos, they will fall off once you are back in the work/ gym/ eating good routine. Don't stress. Sometimes it is nice to just enjoy yourself :)

Well have a lovely weekend

jodie said...

Get plenty of sunshine and you will be back to it soon. Love your holiday snaps, you saw some awesome places. Good to have you back!! Can't wait to hear of the plans for the wedding!!! :) I bet you are getting 'So have you set a date?' Its the usual question..
Take care

Selina said...

Jet lag SUX doesn't it!!
I hope you're better by next week or maybe a few sickies will have to be in order ;)
I love those pics!!! What an awesome trip it was!!
The one of the colosseum gave me goose-bumps... wasn't it amazing!! So big, and so old!!
Show us more, show us more!!!

Hilds said...

Hi Hilary, don't worry I was the same after my trip to Austria and Germany in only 2 weeks I piled on the kilos but its not every day you get to travel to amazing places. Don't worry give it a month of healthy eating and exercise and you should be feeling great again. Your pics are great, its so good to look back over them and remember your holidays! Hope you had a great Australia day! Hilds