Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend round up, Monday goals

The weekend started with our 5 year wedding anniversary!  5 years, wow!  My husband surprised me with some beautiful pink sapphire earrings, he did his research and found out that the sapphire is the traditional gemstone for a 5 year anniversary, very sweet :)

We had planned to have a night out on Saturday and send the kids to the inlaws, but with an unwell 4 year old, and a 2 year old with red, bleary eyes and starting to cough and swipe at his dribbly nose, we cancelled it and stayed home instead.  We'll have to take a raincheck on that I guess.  I made home-made pizza and drank wine in my trackies instead.  Actually I drank way too much wine over the weekend, and as a result I felt dreadful, didn't sleep well and now resolve to stay off the grog for a couple of weeks.

Today was D-day for Skye when we get the results of the blood tests and tonsil swab.  One out of 3 markers for Glandular fever came back positive, so they retested for another virus called CMV.  She got the all-clear for that, so Glandular Fever it is!  She's been under strict instructions to REST... yeah try telling a 4 year old to rest!  Seriously!

Anyway, apart from no alcohol for 2 weeks, my goals this week are:

2 x resistance sessions
4 x cardio sessions

4-5 small meals per day
2-3 litres of water
No chocolate

In bed by 10.30 every night.

Seems pretty simple really.  The trouble with being in bed by 10.30 is, I've gotten used to staying up later than that.  So when I go to bed early, I just tend to lie awake until my normal sleep time anyway.  Which is frustrating.  I just need to persevere with this... I know it requires me to switch the TV and ipad off by at least 10pm, and I like to do my physio stretches before bed as its quite relaxing and means I can sleep without hip pain too.

Today I knocked over 1 x resistance training, and 1 x cardio.  Plus endless bloody physio stretches and exercises!


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Anonymous said...

I quite like the idea of homemade pizza and wine at home in your trackies. In NSW at the moment it is so cold at the moment that you don't want to go out at night time. I have given up the wine as well. The problem was One glass of wine was fine, but it just relaxed me so much that everything after became free food. piece of Chocolate? No make it the block, Open some Chips? Yeah Why not. Lollies!! Yummy yes please. So the wine had to go. Good luck with this weeks goals. Christine XXX