Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The return of sunny skies...

… metaphorically speaking

So I will be the first to admit that up until 3 weeks ago, I was remarkably blasé about kids getting sick. I mean – they all gotta get sick at some point right? Build up the immunity, grow nice and strong and all that.

Our brushes with coughs and colds up til then had been mild – a sniffly nose here and there, always gone in a day or two. I think after Skyes MMR vaccination she had a mild fever for a few days, but that was all.

So I was amazingly unprepared for when it all hit here.

Sick kids? Pffft… how hard could it be?

Now I know that lots of people have REAL problems out there, and I don’t want to get all “Woe is Me” here… but you know what?


There are few miseries greater than a sick, miserable baby!

Koby’s illness quickly got worse, and another visit to the doctor confirmed Croup, along with an ear infection and a very red, inflamed (and probably sore) throat.

Armed with steroids, antibiotics and paracetamol, we settled in to wait it out. And wait, and wait.

And then either the antibiotics or the steroids game him a tummy ache… and it was hell on earth.

Seriously I felt like I was in a nightmare that would never end. Sleep deprivation on its own is torture, but sleep deprivation along with a baby who wakes every hour, wont feed, wont settle, grizzles non-stop and just wants to be constantly held, is well – umm, bloody hard work!

He was like that for nearly 2 weeks.  But on Saturday, the sun started to shine a little. Gradually the grizzling made way for smiles. The crying was replaced with giggling, and we rejoiced.By Sunday he was an absolute joy, and he gifted us with the most amazing smiles all day. I feel like he gave us a weeks worth of smiles in one day, it was just beautiful to see.

The sun is starting to shine again.

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