Saturday, May 12, 2012


So this week our household has been a hot mess of germs, fevers, ear infections, honking coughs and snot. Not to mention two very tired and cranky adults (and we’re also coughing up our lungs and feeling miserable too, but that’s irrelevant).

Amazingly I'm coping ok on just 2 hours sleep a night.

I shouldn’t complain I suppose, this is the first time that Skye (2.5) has ever been sick longer than a few days, and it’s the first time she’s actually felt quite ill. She didn’t get her first cold until she was well over the age of one.

Consequently, I’ve never had to contend with a sick little infant, never knew how exhausting and draining it was… until this week. Poor Koby started to cough like a barking seal on Monday, and as well as some low-grade fevers, also now has a horrible sounding rattle in his throat when he breathes. I took them both to the doc on Thursday – the verdict was that Koby has a general viral illness/cold and can only really give him paracetamol – great, we just have to wait it out. Poor Skye has a double whammy of not just the honking cough and runny nose, but also an ear infection in both ears to boot, and has to have her first ever dose of antibiotics.

Having two sick kids at once has made for a very trying week. My little Klingon baby has been stuck to me like chewing gum on the sole of your shoe – I have to be holding him, or in his direct field of vision, or there will be bloody hell to pay. And don’t even think about walking away from me mama!

 Despite all this, there have still been some good moments this week:

Big Adventures

Skye loves the Wiggles. She especially loves Jeff, and yelling out “Wake up Jeff!” whenever he falls asleep. So when we found out they were coming to town a few months ago, it was a no-brainer that we were going to go see them. A girlfriend organized the tickets so that we could all sit together (8 of us in total – 4 mums, 4 toddlers) and we even planned it that each of them would wear a wiggles “colour” so that we’d have the four mini-Wiggles. We also thought it would be heaps of fun to catch the train into the city, and make it an even bigger adventure for our little ones.

As the big day drew near, we started counting the sleeps. Unfortunately Skye was already sick by the time the big day rolled around - If it was anything BUT the Wiggles, we probably would have kept her home.

Typically on the day, everyone decided to sleep in, so it was a mad rush to get everyone bathed, dressed and out the door. Koby made our lives more complicated when he spewed in Skyes hair that morning (the perils of holding a baby whilst a toddler is sitting on your lap), so she had to have her hair washed and dried first. Because of all this, we missed the train that our friends were on! AARRGH! We caught the next one on our own and made it with heaps of time to spare.

The show was great! Skye sat with her mouth open, gaping in amazement for at least the first 5 minutes when the Wiggles came out in the Big Red Car. So cute. I was obsessed with taking photos of her reactions, hoping to capture some of her enthusiasm and wonder to show my husband when we got home. She really got into it for the first 45 mins, but then started to get a bit restless and played in the seats with her friends for the rest of the show. It’s a long time for a toddler to stay in the one spot.

After the show we got some lunch (although Skye wouldn’t eat much after chowing down on rice cakes all through the show) and then caught the train back home with our friends. The adventure wasn’t over though – a police incident at a station down the line meant that we had to get off a few stops later, board a bus, ride around on the bus to the next few train stations, and then get back on the train to get home.  All while trying to keep our over-tired and hyperactive toddlers under control - you should have seen the dirty looks we got from a couple of other frustrated commuters... I'm guessing that along with a delayed journey, they didn't appreciate having to listen to rowdy toddlers who were in desperate need of a nap!

And finally, one station before we were due to get off, Skye had a massive coughing fit, and puked up all the rice cakes she’d eaten during the show. Luckily mummy has quick reflexes and “caught” it all in my hands, while my friends scrambled for a nappy bag to dump it in, and hand me baby wipes to clean it all up… all while poor Skye was still gagging from coughing so much.

Ahh the joys – but my girl had a fantastic day, despite the yukky ending.


Oh… my… I am so addicted to Instagram. I love connecting with my friends, and getting glimpses into the lives of other people, famous or not. I love the food photos, the kids, the pets, the sunsets, the rainbows, the self portraits…

In between dealing with feverish little bodies this week, I collapse on the couch and get my Instagram fix. I think it even might be taking over my Facebook addiction.

My user name is @hilh if you want to follow my feed

A new car

We upgrade our cars pretty regularly around here. My hubby has a slight… um… addiction when it comes to cars. We think he’s got to have had close to 30 cars in his driving life. I wish I was kidding. And he’s only 36 years old.

I haven’t kept a car longer than 18 months, in the whole 13 years we’ve been together. Not by my choice either.

Anyhoo – a few weeks ago we got another car – a 4WD, and its for me. And every time I get ready to go out somewhere, I stop and think “Oh yeah, I get to drive the new car!” Nice.

And no - its not a Big Red Car, I'll leave that to the multi-coloured, skivvy-clad men below:

Wishing all the mamas out there a BIG happy Mothers Day for tomorrow - you all do a great job, and deserve a day off! 

Or at least put your feet up and relax for a bit  :D


Magda said...

Oh Hilary, I dont mean to be rude but I PISSED myself laughing over this post. What a pukey day you had - not once but twice LOL.

The joys of toddlers!!

:-) M

Francesca @ Francesca Writes Here said...

Whoa, what a crazy day. At least there were some good bits too! I hope you had a great mother's day and that the germs have exited the building.

Hilary said...

LOL Magda, I guess it does sound pretty funny - I just cant seem to get away from baby vomit, poo, wee and whatever else the dogs and cat dish out too - sadly its my lot in life at the moment!

Thanks Francesca, we seem to be healthy again now thank goodness!