Thursday, July 15, 2010


Poor Skye is teething at the moment. Ok, I should actually say she's been teething for bloody months - I wish this first tooth would hurry up!

Doctors and child health nurses have been telling me for ages that she's teething - swollen gums, red cheeks, tugging at her ears, excessive drooling and fingers in the mouth etc...

In the last week she's gotten worse and has been quite grizzly with it. I read Alicia's blog the other week and got some teething tablets to try, fingers crossed!

So because she's not sleeping for long stretches at the moment, I cant train when she's asleep because I usually only have time to eat, or shower or whatever before she wakes and demands attention. So yesterdays training session involved putting Skye in the walker out on the patio, and letting her watch me train. I kept her amused by asking her to help me count out the reps... so picture me in my trakkie daks and ugg boots, lifting weights and counting out my reps in that annoying high-pitched voice that we seem to use when talking to babies! And then singing songs in between to keep her smiling :)

I can only hope that the neighbours didn't see or hear me!!

Needless to say it only kept her entertained for a short amount of time and then she started to whinge, so I didn't get a full session in :(

I LOVE this cooler weather we're having overnight at the moment. We have a fireplace at our house, and its so lovely to get it cranking and watch the flames - just need to add a good book and a glass of wine and it would be a perfect way to spend the day - oh well I can dream!


Alicia said...

Ah I'm still waiting of Ava's tooth to pop through too. I can see the 'bulging' of her gums but NOTHING!!! How did Skye go with the Hylands tablets? xoxo

Hilary said...

Its so frustrating isnt it? A friend of mine said that one day you'll start to see the bud showing through the gum, and the next day its gone back down again - they can go up and down for ages before it finally makes a permanent appearance!

Tried the tablets yesterday for the first time, didn't notice much difference in her grizzling but will keep trying, fingers crossed!

Alicia said...

I actually saw one of her freaking EYE TEETH poking through, but its gone now! Keep trying with the tablets though, I promise they worked :) Ava's so used to them now she actually sucks them from my finger xoxo

KRISTIN said...

LOL! So funny Hils, I can definitely picture that and it's cracked me up. Hope you can get some more sleep and poor Skye gets over the teething process soon enough xoxo