Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Eeek - my poor old blog has been a bit neglected lately!

Partly because of not really having huge amounts of spare time these days, and partly because of not really having anything interesting to say :-)

Things have really settled down here in the last month - finally we have a happy baby! After months of stress and unsettled-ness, and me surviving on 2 hours of sleep every day for months, the doc diagnosed Skye with silent reflux and put her on some medication called Probitor. Within a day she was a different baby and we thought "Awesome!" She started sleeping longer, and was happy, and a pleasure to be around.

But then two days later the side effects kicked in - she was screaming in pain, doing these crampy sort of stomach movements, constipated, grizzly, waking up multiple times in the night with blood-curdling screams... and over a week it just got worse. So I took her back to the doc who recommended some MORE medication to treat the side effects of the first medication... WTF???

Tried that for 2 days, and she was no better, so gut-instinct was to stop all medication, which I did. Poor little poppet was so distressed, and worse than before the meds.

Then I was at my chiropractor for my own monthly adjustment, and told him my woes... he had a look at her then and there (her hips, neck and back were out) did a few little adjustments on her, and the difference since then has been amazing!

Chiropractic for babies is actually extremely safe - they dont do big "bone cracks" like they do on adults, they use a little clicker thing that really just massages the joints, its like gentle manoeuvring, rather than manipulation.

Anyway, it had such an amazing affect - she is just so happy now, and is sleeping nearly 12 hours a night again - woohoo! Hubby is not a believer in chiropractic though, he thinks maybe she was going to get better anyway. And I also think that moving on to 3 solid meals a day has helped a lot too - whatever it was, I dont care, she's happy and content, and that is the main thing.

I didn't realise just how hard it is to have a reflux and colicky baby, and now that she seems to be past that, its like I can finally enjoy being a mum. She no longer wakes after 30 minutes, she's not screaming during feeds anymore, she's not grizzly now unless she's tired... she's a joy!

She has started babbling this week... here's a little bit of one of her 'conversations'...


Other news... we're changing cars... again... Today I said goodbye to my beautiful Ford G6ET, and I'll be getting my replacment car on the weekend - a V8... ahh I cant wait, I loved my old V8! Hubby has also now got a V8 ute, so we're an all Ford, all V8 family now LOL! We change cars like we change our underwear around here hehehe!

I've returned to feedback coaching for IBO again for the last 8 weeks too, and its nice to be able to do a bit of work from home.

So this week, without a car for a few days I'm house-bound (well, I can walk to the local shops)... so I've got a "to-do" list as long as your arm - better get cracking! I'm hoping to teach myself how to use MYOB this week... dont like my chances!



Alicia said...

Glad to hear that things have finally looked up with Skye :) It must have been so hard for you guys.

Love the video!

PS - I got your comments on my blog, but when I went to ok them they disappeared!

Nicole said...

OMG that is just adorable!! Eva has just started talking to herself and it is sooo cute! Gosh so sorry to hear the dramas you had to go through - being a mum certainly isn't an easy job!!

Although I am jealous - I would LOVE to get 12 hours sleep or even a block longer than 3 hrs would be nice :)

Great to hear you are enjoying being a mum! Nicole xx

linda said...

wow- what a time of it you've been having! However- one look and listen to the immensely cute Skye and all would be forgiven! She is just gorgeous- don't you love the babbling. They know what they're saying and do it with such determination! Good to hear that things have settled down for you all.xx

Kerry W said...

I'm so glad Skye is settled now and happy. Happy baby...happy mum!

Kerry XOX

Hilary said...

Thanks Alicia, yeah its been tough but I know of others that have had it tougher, so by comparison she's a little angel! Thats funny about the blog comments, I noticed that on a few other blogs I commented on - strange!

Nicole I've got my fingers crossed that you start to get more than 3 straight hours of sleep soon - its so hard to cope on broken sleep. And its so cute isn't it when they start to really communicate a bit more? I love it!

Thanks Linda, I love the babbling and you're so right, they do say it with such determination! I love the facial expressions too, its like they're having a proper conversation with you :)

You are SO right Kerry!

Hilary xx

Anonymous said...

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