Sunday, February 14, 2010


Long time no blog! I thought I'd take this chance now, as everyone else in the house is asleep - hubby has crashed on the lounge, Skye is FINALLY down and the dog and cat are always asleep anyway...

Well - what a steep learning curve I’m on. Just when I start to feel confident with my parenting, and just when I think I’ve got her figured out, she throws a spanner in the works and everything changes!

I’m quickly learning that what worked today will probably not work tomorrow, especially where her sleep is concerned. I’ve got a large number of techniques up my sleeve now to try to get her down. And mostly, I can get her to sleep these days (except around 4-5pm, that’s just impossible as she wont stop carrying on, and it goes on for a few hours) – no – the main problem at the moment is getting her to STAY asleep. For the last week or so she has started waking after 20-30 minutes, and then refusing to go back down to sleep. I've heard that its a pretty common problem as they transition through to the next deeper stage of sleep around then.

The last few days I’ve resorted to going back into her room to see whats going on after 20 minutes. Its her legs, after 20 minutets or so they start to kick like crazy and she wakes herself up (told you she was hyperactive!). So I hold her legs still so she doesn't wake, she'll do this 5 or 6 times over a 10-15 minute period. Some times I’m not quick enough, and other times it works. I feel like I spend my entire life bent over the cot!

If I'm not quick quick enough and she wakes up, sometimes she'll scream blue murder for 2 hours. Yesterday I was tearing my hair out - nothing would settle her except a feed. Straight after the feed she screamed again. She screamed when I took her into her room, and also when I took her out again, she screamed when I tried to lay her down to wrap her, she screamed when I picked her up… you get the picture. Today she seems fine, but still resisting sleeping through the day...

I’ve got a head cold and sore throat which doesn’t make me feel very happy at the moment, and some days it feels like everyone else wants a piece of me first. If its not Skye, then its the dog or cat wanting food or attention, or meals needing to be prepared. Its just so tiring, and frustrating sometimes! I also hope I haven’t passed on my cold to her, I have no idea how I'd tell if she had a sore throat?

Anyway, apparently it gets better eventually!

Although for the last two weeks she has been giving us the most gorgeous smiles, giggles, coo's and ga-gahs too, which just melts your heart and gives me such a warm-fuzzy feeling. It kinda makes up for all the frustrating times! I cant believe she is over 6 weeks old already...

Yesterday hubby moved our gym equipment from the carport into our patio area, so I'm thinking I'm going to have a few weights sessions this week and see how I go. Its been so long but I really miss feeling strong and throwing weights around. I want some muscles back and to lose the little belly pooch that I'm now sporting...

Probably about time my blog started focusing on fitness again I guess!

Have a great week, I'll be glued to the TV watching the Winter Olympics... I LOVE Winter Olympics, its so much more interesting than the summer ones, of course I'm a bit biased because of my ice-skating past ;-)


linda said...

lovely to catch up on what's going on with you Hilary. The first few months are HECTIC to say the least- but you are right- things will improve. By the time Skye is 21 you won't be needing to try and get her to sleep! lol- I found that projecting time forward really helped when I was sure we were STUCK in a phase! eg toilet training! Hope you get some sleep eventually

Nicole said...

It's great to hear how you're going Hilary :) Unfortunately the whole sleep issue seems to be a VERY common problem with new (& older!) bubs!

Something that I must admit I am not looking forward to!! But at least you have got some tools up your sleeve :) Our baby is very quiet in my belly so I am hoping that it continues when it comes out :) haha! yep - I'm living in denial that I could possibly have a difficult child!! LOL

Nicole xx

Shar said...

Hey Hils
Lack of sleep is the worse thing :(
Have you tried swaddling her? maybe more so round her lower half if its her legs that kick about. I didn't have probs with my first two but do remember Maddi having the startle reflex thing that awoke her sometimes.
I have brought a Kiddopotamus Swaddleme wrap for bubba as Gina Ford swears by swaddling due to to the reflex your talking about.

Anyway, as you said you have to adapt day by day and then week by week and know that you learn as you go. The smiles etc will definately make up for all the hard work though I agree.
shar xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Hils!

Yep I second what Shar said. I had two wraps with velcro (I think) for my little one and they were a godsend! It kept her whole body very firmy wrapped and worked wonders from the first time I used it.

Definately worth trying if you haven't already.

Hang in there, it is VERY tough at times :) But SO worth it as you already know xxx

Kerry W said...

Hi Hilary

Sorry, did I forget to tell you...schizophrenia is also a motherhood

Keep your chin up - you're doing great! :)

Kerry said...

Jack screamed from his first breath for what seemed like ever. Tomorrow he is leaving home probably forever and I would have him back screaming if I were given the choice. :-)
For the record he still doesn't sleep well and never has but eventually it becomes their worry not yours.
Love to you all Hils.

jodie said...

Hi Hils
I used the wraps that both Rene and Shar are talking about it and I think they were wonderful. Logan was the same would sleep Ok during the night and not during the day but I stuck to feed, play sleep regime and eventually he got it. I read a few books and also monitored his pattern and eventually we got there... Yes it does get better. Hang in there, it can be so overwhelming. Take each day as it comes. Thinking of you xxx

Hilary said...

Thanks Linda, yes I keep reminding myself that by the time she's a teenager I'll probably be struggling to get her OUT of bed!

Its frustrating Nicole, and for the first few weeks they lull you into a false sense of security! LOL! But every day is different, and we're getting there! Fingers crossed that you get a good sleeper!

Hi Shar, yes we're wrapping her. I use a large muslin wrap, and we've tried wrapping her tightly, loosely, arms up, arms out, arms down... the problem is her legs. You can wrap her tightly sideways, but it doesn't stop her legs pistoning up towards her tummy... I need a wrap that holds her legs DOWN against the mattress I think! LOL! I dont think its the startle reflex, I think its wind - the legs just dont stop moving :(

Thanks Rene, I might go down to the baby shop and see what else they've got in wraps.

LOL Kerry!

Awww Kerry that is so sad that your boy is leaving home... hope you're doing ok...

Thanks Jodie, I'll stick with it and hope that she eventually gets it! Might try some other wrapping techniques too.

Hilary xx

Anonymous said...

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Alicia said...

Hey Hils. I had a similar problem with Ava - she would kick her legs like crazy and wouldnt settle down to sleep. She'd even somehow manage to unwrap herself and start flailing about. So one day I popped her on her tummy and she sleeps sooooo much better. We've bought a respiration monitor for peace of mind while we're asleep, but she now sleeps up to 6 hours between feeds :D At the end of the day, its what makes bubs comfortable and happy xoxox

Anonymous said...

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