Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Its finally happened…

I have finally succumbed to the ultimate in mummy-fashion…

I am now the proud owner of a dressing gown!

Well – I’ve never EVER, in all my adult life, worn a dressing gown or robe. I’ve never wanted one, never needed one. Both hubby and I are not the kind of people who get out of bed and lounge around in their PJ’s, boxer shorts or whatever – no – I get out of bed and get straight into the shower (if I wasn’t going to gym that is).

But suddenly everything has changed. I now have to get up in the middle of the night to feed Skye, and some mornings its actually been quite cool. Then when its morning of course the first thing I have to do again is to feed Skye, so I often don’t get a chance to have a shower until much later – sometimes not til 11am! I’ve been wearing jumpers, but its just not cutting it.

I confessed to hubby the other day that I thought I was going to need to get one soon… and so he secretly did a bit of online shopping and ordered me a lovely pink Billabong robe, complete with pink polka-dot trim and a hoodie as a surprise… aint he lovely?!!

I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful supportive husband. Skye just adores him – often I’ll sit her on my lap facing him and she just gazes at him and smiles and giggles, he doesn’t even have to be looking at her – she just thinks he’s hilarious!

Isn’t it funny how daddys always get to be the “fun” ones, and mums do the comfort thing, along with all the other mundane, every day stuff! He can always come up with exciting stuff to keep her interested, like flying her around the room as if she’s a plane, or bouncing her up in the air… she squeals and giggles and just loves it.

I'm constantly amazed at the fact that no matter how hard I try, I always get spewed on. I put the spew rag (terry toweling nappy) over my shoulder, and without fail she will find the one spot that isn’t covered and puke… often its down my cleavage, or the back of my arm. By the end of the day I absolutely reek!

I also never realised just how much clothes washing one little body could generate… I mean, before Skye came along I used to wash one day a week, generally 3-4 loads – too easy.

But now – holy crap, I’m going through loads of washing like there’s no tomorrow! Because of the spew and dribble, she’s going through at least 2 changes of clothes a day, plus bibs and muslin wraps. Then there’s my own change of clothes, due to the aforementioned spew. Then you’ve gotta factor in the nappy leakage – be it poo or wee, sometimes those suckers just cannot be contained by a little nappy!

When I was pregnant I bought one packet of 12 terry toweling nappies to use as spew rags, thinking it would be MORE than enough… HA! I quickly learned that I can easily go through 3 or 4 a day, especially when she’s having a particularly spewy day, or has one of her gargantuan poos that seep everywhere! So I had to get another packet to make sure I had enough.

Anyway, things are becoming more fun around here. We've had a good week and things seem to be settling down, lets hope it continues!


KRISTIN said...

Hehe, so good to hear how things are going Hils. Sounds like although troublesome you are getting the hang of things. Your hubby is so lovely to think of you like that. You're such a great Mum already, I can tell!

Look forward to catching up sometime soon and meeting Skye :)

K xo

Kerry said...

Congratulations and welcome to Motherhood. I'm out of dressing gowns now but they are certainly a must have item when you have little kids. You'll have one now for many years to come.

Kerry W said...

I'm glad things are starting to settle for you Hilary.

Got a giggle about the spew rags and the washing. Miss Phil was a really bad dribbler. I ended up chucking out her bibs because they got mildew in the them from constantly being wet!

Nicole said...

LOL! You crack me up Hilary!! I just love your poo stories! I'm sure I almost busted open my ceasar scar this morning when hubby was changing Eva's dirty nappy and she dribbled a runny poo on his fingers LOL! Hubby is such a poo phob! Hmmm... I migt have to look into a robe thingy myself! :) Nicole xx

Chelle said...

Hi Hilary,
So glad things are settling down a bit!! It takes a bit to get uded to!!
I finally wrote another blog mysellf!!! LOL few and far between at the moment!!!
Souds like you are doing great!!
I totally agree about the daddy thing!!! I am going throuogh terrible twos and i am the one who gives the discipline not daddy!!!
Anyway there time will come!!


Anonymous said...

He he! I have two very fluffy and warm pink velour numbers that got FLOGGED to death when cherub was first born :)

Sometimes I didn't actually get out of them for over 24 hours ;)

Hilary said...

Thanks Kristin, although I cant let myself start to think that I'm getting the hang of things, because as soon as I start to think like that, she turns into a monster and I'm back at sqaure one!

Kerry I'm assuming that new dressing gowns will become a mothers day gifts in the years to come LOL!

LOL Kerry, I thought the dribbling didnt start until teething, but Skye seems to be constantly dripping from the mouth these days, guess she's gonna be like Phil in that respect!

I think you have to laugh at the poo Nicole, there is so much of it to deal with that you just HAVE to laugh! I'm sure your hubby will be over his poo phobia in no time!

Hi Chelle! Yeah its funny how the dads fall into their roles isn't it? I'm not looking forward to the terrible twos though!

Rene your robes sound like they are super comfy, I think I'm going to be living in mine too :)

Hilary xx

Dianna Broeren said...

Well I hope you have some nice soft slippers to match!! I can't believe you have never lounged around in your pj's!!!!!! I love it - especially on a Sunday morning. Wish I could see the video of your princess :(