Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Here comes the (snotty) bride

Well just to make things interesting, I've gone and caught a cold. A very very snotty head cold! I am not impressed. I caught it off OH, who only seemed to have it for 3 days and is now totally fine (typical).

With 11 days to go until the wedding, I now have visions of walking down the aisle with a bright red, sore nose, and having to stop halfway through the ceremony to blow it. And THEN where will I put the snotty tissues?? LOL!

I'm having a day off today to try to rest and recover. Will have to head to the chemist to get something. Luckily I dont have any flu-like symptoms, its just my head thats blocked up - so if you chopped my head off I'd be fine!

I'm trying to take my own advice and rest while I'm sick... so no gym. I had my dress fitting last Friday anyway, so whatever size I am now, I'm going to have to stay that way until the big day!

On Saturday I had my hens party, we all loaded up on a bus and went on our warehouse shopping tour, which was really good. I was given a "Bride To Be" sash, which was kinda cool to wear, a bit of a novelty - hey, you only get to be a bride once (hopefully!). Most of us spent up BIG at the Darrell Lea chocolate outlet. I bought a BOX of liquorice (containing 12 packets of soft eating liquorice) for $10!! I went halves with mum on this, and I have put all but one packet in the freezer. That's one thing I didn't know - that you can freeze liquorice. My one open packet is being rationed out slowly :)

Also went to the Berlei factory outlet and got some underwear, and also went to this fantastic homewares place that sells to Loot and Freedom Furniture - heaps of vases, candles, mirrors, prints etc at really great prices (starting from $5-$10) - I think we all bought something in there! We also went to bags and shoes, a kitchenware outlet, manchester, Reebok (got some new gym shoes!) and had a buffet lunch at Broncos Leagues Club.

OH had his bucks party too - they started out doing a bootcamp (flying foxes, rope climbs etc - sounds like awesome fun to me!!) and then they headed out for dinner. Well, he got home after midnight, blind drunk! From 2am onwards he had his head down the toilet, or in a bucket, and it took me 2 hours to get him back to bed. There was a bit of cleaning up to do (because sometimes the toilet wasn't close enough and the floor was an easier target!) and I had trouble hanging on to my own dinner... urgrh! Normally he doesn't drink much, but obviously the boys shouted him drinks all night! Oh well, you only get married once I guess!

So that was my fun weekend!


Kerry W said...

Definitely sounds like that 'shopping hens party' was alot of fun! Yes...rest up! You should be back to full health in 10 days Hilary - you'll cinch it! So take it easy hey?

Frankie said...

one word BEPANTHEN . It's baby nappy ointment. If your nose starts to get sore from blowing it rub that all around your nostrils and it will stop the skin drying out and peeling.

It's gonna be FINE. You'll be beautiful.

KRISTIN said...

Hope you feel better soon Hils! Hey, at least you are getting the bad luck out of the way now to make way for a perfect wedding day! Sounds like you had a great Hen's day!

Kristy said...

Your hens party sounds like heaps of fun Hilary...

little rene said...

Pump the drugs into you Hils! You have to feel well for your big day! Rest up sweety xxx

PS You'r t alone in the vomit stakes. Maya Lily showered me in the stuff all of last week. I didn't even flinch by the end of it ;) Gross stuff it is!

Pip said...

Wow, all happening now!!!

You will be fine in 10 days, the cold will be gone!

Take it easy, enjoy the lead up and I look forward to the photos!

All the best!!!

Rebecca said...

I hope you feel better soon Hilary, I am sure it will all be cleared up by the time the big day comes around.

Score on those bargains. I love shopping!!

Have a fun week with all your final wedding details. I am so excited for you!!!


Nicole P said...

How you feeling Hilary? There are so many people at my work that are sick that if they come near me I tell them to shoo! I hope you are starting to feel better. My skin has decided to break out and just looks like shit! Nicole xx

SeLiNa said...

Hope you're feeling betterer now Hils! I'm thinking of you this final week before you become a Mrs!! Hope it's stress free for you and you can enjoy it.

Thinking of you - can't wait to see pics, you are going to be GORGEOUS!!