Saturday, April 04, 2009

My new favourite breakfast

Cottage cheese, onion, tomato and a sprinkling of herbs, on toast, and then grilled... yum! I have been having this a few days a week for breakfast, its a little more time consuming than my regular oats and cottage cheese, but its so worth it... could I be a cottage cheese convert??? I suppose I had to go over to the dark side eventually :)

Training has been going great, had a moment on Wednesday night where I'd had a bad day at work, and was feeling a bit low, so had a glass of wine. Not good behaviour, but something I'm working on. Wednesday was a particularly bad day for some reason, I skipped a training session, had the wine, and only got about 4 hours sleep that night. Followed it up with a fantastic day on Thursday though, smashed it at cycle, and ate clean all day, which on 4 hours sleep was something of an accomplishment!

Last night my maid of honour came around to see my wedding dress, and we got talking about lots of wedding stuff. She's a bit like me in that we're both not "girly" girls - its all a bit alien for both of us actually! So next on the agenda is to get the hens night organised... a night out in the city is in order I think.

Here is what OH has been busy with this morning... we're about to get a new front door...

The big gaping hole, and our ugly old front door. Spot the cat, looking for an escape route (not likely with Shavez standing guard!)

The new front door... soon to be installed.
We are both so over this house!! For the past few days its been raining, and now we've got saturated carpet again in the downstairs spare bedroom, and we're not sure where its getting in. Oh the joys... Oh how I wish for a house that didn't need to be renovated!


SeLiNa said...

YUM looks good!!!
You finally finally admitted that cottage cheese is the bestest invention in the world.
Well maybe not admitted it, but you've conformed ;)

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Nice front door! and Noice Breakky!

Rebecca said...

Hi Hil,

That does look good. I am not a massive cottage cheese girl either, so maybe that could work.... lol.

Good luck with the wedding plans AND rennos. Wow, so much to do!!


Em said...

Yumi wheres mine hehe
Good luck with the renos I hope the weather eases off for you so you can figure out where the rain is coming in.
Have a smashing week hun :)

Kristy said...

Hi Hilary

I love your new front door, I would love something like that, but mine is just a plain door for my new place.

I agree with BL. I was just saying to my work colleagues that now that Andrew is out there is no one in it that I want to watch. I really don't like the others, except for Andrew's brother, which I can't remember his name at the moment.

You must be really excited about your wedding.

Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Your breakfast looks great, it's always good when you have a win with nutrition.

I also love the front door. One question that pops to mind though Hilary. Why chose a door with glass in it, is it stronger glass than say a window? I wonder about this from a safety perspective, like in break ins.

Enjoy the rest of your easter. :o)

Lia xxx

Hilary said...

LOL Selina I dont know that I'd go that far!! But yes, I do eat it now, which more than I used to be able to say!

Thanks Doris!

Give it a go Rebecca, its really quite nice!

Thanks Em, luckily no more water has come in, so fingers crossed!

Totally agree Kristy about The Biggest Loser, I am crossing my fingers that Nathan comes back and kicks all their butts at the finale!

Lia, the choice for glass was purely aesthetic - we like the modern style door. We are lucky in that we live on a half acre block, and the house is right in the middle of a fully fenced yard with electric gates. Plus we have two big dogs who patrol the whole block. So I guess we didn't really consider the safety aspect! Although we probably should!

Hilary xx