Sunday, April 26, 2009

Been a while...

Well things are still pretty busy around here, hence the lack of posting I guess!

My foot issues are making me train a little differently, I'm avoiding anything impact. So about the only thing I have done for the last week or so is cycling - on the stationary bike, and in cycle classes. Oh, I have done weights too! Cant forget that!

Last weekend I tried to take the dogs for a walk, and because our area is so hilly, it ended up straining my foot tendon again, so even walking seems to be out at the moment. Not good when you're on a mission to be a buff bride, but these things were sent to try us I guess!

Yesterday I spoke to the podiatrist (my hairdressers husband - noice!!) and he is going to organise some orthotics for me (mates rates too - love it!) and has given me some advice on strapping techniques. I've been strapping it in different ways to try to find the way that rips the least amount of skin off. He took one look at how I'd strapped it and said "um... where did you learn to do THAT?".

I said: "ummmm.... the internet?" (bowing head in shame)

I think he actually shook his head in disbelief LOL! Turns out, my feet are crooked. Well I cant remember the technical term, but thats the upshot anyway. They slump inwards. So I'm also nightly going to be treating my feet to 10 minutes each of ice/heat/ice/heat - followed by some massage of the heel and arch. Hopefully all this helps!

Yesterday I went to a 2nd birthday party. I ate a slice of fairy bread. WHY? I dont know. It was there. Its probably been at least 25 years since I last had some. I'm pretty sure it will be another 25 years before I have another.

I also went to my hairdresser, had my pre-wedding trim, and got her to refresh my purple stripe.

We're getting some concreting done tomorrow, and we are also getting our kitchen installed on Friday - HOO-BLOODY-RAY! Give it a few weeks, and I'll show you all a photo.

Yep, its all happening here.



KRISTIN said...

eeeep! you poor thing Hils... I hope your feet don't cause you too much grief! hope all is going well with the wedding planning too!


Kerry W said...

Hi Hilary

I hope your foot problems improve soon, and you get back on track with your 'buff bride' plans. :)

Does your arch cave inwards? I have that problem and it's called 'pronation'. I have orthotics to correct that and only wear it in my joggers.

Anonymous said...

Love the new header and did you say fairy bread. I love fairy bread. Of course it's not on the menu but once upon a time it was and I loved it! LOL!! Some of us will never grow up Hilary. ;o)

Glad to hear that you're getting professional help with you feet, good idea especially at mates rates.

Lia xxx