Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday my work organised a spit roast lunch for all the factory and office staff, and they announced we would be having a special guest... Mark Winterbottom (aka "Frosty") from the V8 Supercars series!

Frosty drives for Ford Performance Racing - and my OH is a MASSIVE Ford Fan. I mean, he is a Ford NUT. So I took great delight in gloating that I was going to meet one of his favourite drivers! Of course I had to take in a few things to get signed, so I took his billiard cue, and one of his Ford shirts to be signed. Got to have a bit of a chat with Frosty too, which was cool, and got OH a signed poster with his name on it - so I earned some big-time brownie points yesterday!!

Me and Frosty... dont you just love the hi-vis vests we all have to wear in the factory!

The rest of the week has been quite boring by comparison! Today we are doing secret santa and having some nibblies. Most of the company is finishing today, but I'm going back on Monday and Tuesday unfortunately - and then we close til the 12th of January - I'm so looking forward to having a break!!

This morning I was so tired when I got up for gym, that I actually fell down the stairs at home. I landed on the edge of one of the steps and came down heavily on my left arm, so I'm sure there will be a nice bruise there next week. Ouch. Managed to do a step class without tripping over though, so thats a bonus!!


Nicole P said...

Hi Hilary, I would love to have time off over xmas but am trying to save all my annual leave days for our big long honeymoon! OH wants a quick turnaround for the wedding so luckily I have got friends who got married recently who can send me in the right direction for bits and pieces. That and spending lots of time on the internet at work looking up stuff! Enjoy your xmas and new year! Nicole xx

Rebecca said...

Hi there, I hope that the next couple of days go quickly and your holidays are here soon :)

Have a wonderful Christmas.


Hilary said...

Wow Nicole you are so organised! You are lucky that your OH wants a wedding soon - mine would rather finish the house renovations first! Hope you have a great Christmas too.

You too Rebecca, have a great one!

Hilary xx