Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I love it when you train legs and then for the next few days you feel like you've got buns of steel... unfortunately its only a feeling, my buns look more like jelly than steel at the moment!OMG my butt is so sore today, after my awesome leg session yesterday. I switched a few things around, and boy am I feeling it. Also tried out the Dumbell Iron Cross for legs and shoulders, good to try out new things. I love training shoulders, its my fave.

Last night I had an awesome 7 straight hours sleep, ah it was heavenly! When I got up this morning, OH said to me: "Wow - you actually look refreshed! Did you sleep?"

Hopefully the dark circles and bags under my eyes are starting to shrink!

I had 4 nights last week without sleeping tablets, and while I was a bit sporadic with sleep, I felt like I was finally getting somewhere. But then I had a dreadful night on Sunday night, so I reluctantly put myself back on half tablets. Its just a matter of getting a routine established I think. I'm trying to get back into taking my glutamine, as I feel that helps a bit too. I think the worst thing is the fear that you wont be able to sleep - once you've lost that confidence that you can fall straight to sleep its hard to get it back.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to thrash it out in a cycle class, Thursday morning cycle is always a good one. My goal at the moment is consistency and re-establishing routines; and I have to say it feels good. I felt fantastic when I left gym this morning, and this is the feeling that I need to focus on. Cant wait to start feeling my clothes get a little looser!


little rene said...

Yes getting back into routine feels AWESOME doesn't it? I feel so lost without it!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you are getting your mojo back :)

Now send some this way! lol.

Frankie said...

Hi Hilary I saw your blog on friend's blog (from IBO) and have just been reading about your insomnia. I've suffered from it myself and just thought I'd offer up a couple of things that have worked for me.

I went virtually without sleep for about 2 weeks in 2001. Even with sleeping pills I rarely managed more than 3 hours a night. My doctor was great though and gave me some wonderful suggestions that got my sleeping pattern back on track.

Firstly he told me that if I can't sleep, don't stay in bed. Think of bed as being the sleeping place and if after 20 minutes you have not dozed off get up and do something. Not anything stimulating like computer or TV but something boring or relaxing, like reading a book or ironing (I chose the book!). Then when you feel yourself winding down and feel a little tired, (maybe after half an hour or so) go back to bed. If you haven't fallen asleep after 20 minutes...get up and start again.

You'd be surprised how well it works..eventually. I can't remember how long it took but probably after about 2 weeks I wasn't getting up at all.

Another suggestion is the supplement GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid).

It's a neurotransmitter that stops your brain whizzing around at night and promotes stage IV sleep. You need to take I think between 2 and 5 grams about half hour before bed. (It's also great for Growth hormone stimulation).

Hope this helps. I couldn't not comment as I know how awful it is. You just can't function properly at all.

Good luck