Sunday, October 19, 2008

A good week...

I've had a good week!

I sleeeeeeeeeeeeep! Whatever it was seems to be out of my system, my sleeping patterns have been improving every night this last week. To the point where on Friday night AND last night I slept 7 or 8 UNINTERRUPTED hours - and I cant tell you how amazing I feel! Now I've just got to do it without the sleeping tablets. Last night I only had a half, so I think I'm on the mend. YAY!

I also trained 3 days straight last week - go me! Suffering some big time chest DOMS now though, even though I only lifted piddly little weights :( Thats my punishment for not training for a few weeks... although at the time I DID think that trying to sleep was more of a priority!

I did have some upsetting health news this week, but I'm not going to go into that just now. Nothing life shattering, just a little upsetting.

Yesterday I went to the INBA Nationals, I think its the first time I've been to a comp where I didn't really know many people competing. It was a HUGE turnout - I couldn't believe how many competitors there were! For the first time I actually enjoyed watching the guys too, some of them were real showmen - good to watch, especially the open classes.

Got to catch up with Sue, Carolyn and Eleni again, and also meet Kristin and Kerry! What a great bunch of ladies to spend an afternoon with...

It was also good to catch up very briefly with everyone else - the venue was quite jam-packed with people though, so it was hard to spot the familiar faces in the crowd!

Oh yeah - I must post some pics of our veggie garden - we have actual cucumbers, and zucchini (as in the vegetable bit, not just the plant anymore)! So exciting, and the amount they grow every day is astounding, - cant wait to eat it!


Splice said...

It was lovely seeing you yesterday, so it was so brief! It was a busy day and it went quickly.
You look gorgeous.

RaeC said...

I agree with Deb... great to give you a big hug again even though it was a quick one... great to hear you enjoyed the day and was able to spend it with like-minded friends. That is one of the best parts about comp I think... spending the day with people who are into health and fitness as much as we are. Have a great week hon xxx

Kristy said...

Its fantastic to hear that you are sleeping again. Sleep is so important.

Looks like a great day at INBA...

Rebecca said...

Hi there,

It has been awhile since I posted but I have still been following your fitness journey.

I am so glad you are sleeping again. It is hard surviving on little or no sleep. I am a master of it with 2 kids!!

Anyway, I will be popping in a bit more to say hi.

xox Rebecca

Andrea said...

Ooohhh - love the new blog - very snazzy. Am V. Jealous of you getting to go to the nationals. The pic looks like you were having a ball. It that a purple streak in your hair now?
Good thing on the sleep improvement. Hope you are feeling a bit better from your upsetting news now.

Antigone said...

It is great to here that you have had a great week, love the group pic :)

Fantastic that your starting to get your sleeping groove back on hehe

whatever you health issue is I hope it is fixable.