Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ten simple steps...

Today I was flicking through my copy of You Cant Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought and I came across this statement:

If you're not actively involved in getting what you want, then you don't really want it.

This definetely struck a chord with me today. There are certain things going on for me that I need to make a firm committment to, otherwise I think I am just kidding myself.

And this little excerpt certainly rang true, and can definetley be applied to anyone wanting to achieve their fitness goals:

Ten Simple (but not necessarily EASY) steps to getting what you want:
  1. Focus all of your attention on the thing you want. Be interested, be "obsessed" by it.
  2. Visualise and imagine it
  3. Be enthusiastic about it
  4. Know exactly what you want. Write it down, use a model, use pictures
  5. Desire it above all else, above everything else, above all.
  6. Have faith, but with involvement. Know you can have it, that its already yours. Be involved with whatever you need to do to get it.
  7. Do the work required. How do you know when you've done enough? When you've got it, it was enough. Until you've got it, its not enough.
  8. Give up all things opposing your goal.
  9. Pretend you already have it
  10. Be thankful for what you already have.

This morning I trained biceps, and now my neck/traps arent feeling too good. I think I've slightly strained something again. I'm going to a naturapath on the weekend so hopefully I can get everything in my body functioning properly again. I'm interested to see how the naturapath works actually, apparently they do tests for bodyfat and hydration levels etc, so I'm curious to see how I go in that department!


SeLiNa said...

Love it, that quote is very fitting. Thanks for sharing. :)

Beware of those machiney thingys that the naturopath does. I didn't like it, it gave me a higher body fat% than any other machine :P
But everything else was good ;)
hee hee

Kristy said...

I love those types of books, they are really motivating.

I'd love to hear about your naturopath visit as I have thought about seeing one, but have no idea what they do!

Kimmy said...

Hello - love your little quotes and I am right into naturopaths so look forward to hearing what you think.

Be good and Live with Passion

Sue Heintze said...

Great quote, I hope you don't mind if I steal it. I think perhaps that one might go well at the end of your feedback emails!!

I also bought those pants from LJ, but black ones. Doesn't the top fold over though?