Monday, June 16, 2008


I had my naturopath appointment on Saturday, and it was very very interesting!

Firstly, when I got there I had to complete a full-on questionnaire about my health, my nutrition, and my health goals. The naturopath then gave me a dose of some liquid that tests your zinc levels, and asked me how it tasted? My options were metallicy/minerally/dry/sweet/watery

My reply was that it tasted like water with a teeny bit of vinegar in it. Apparently this is bad - it means my zinc levels are really low - the stuff is supposed to taste foul! I also had my blood type taken, I cant believe that it took me 33 years to find out I am a blood type O!!!

So we went through my questionnaire and talked about different things. She did a little iridology on me and found that my digestion isn't too great, that my body is a too acidic and I need a liver detox. My nutrition is good - because I'm an "O" blood type its good that I eat more protein apparently!

She then said she was going to "ask" my body what it needed to balance everything out. Hmmmm... ok - so she started doing Kinesiology on me. Strange. So she sits in front of me, and gets me to hold my left hand out, palm up. My thumb and pinky finger have to touch. Then I have to hold them together as hard as I can, while she tries to pull them apart. She put a bottle of supplements in my lap, and then asks my body a question out loud- such as "Does Hilary need XXX supplement to heal her muscle imbalances" and she would try to pull my thumb and pinky apart. If they stayed together, the answer was yes, if they came apart, the answer was no.

I ended up having a range of supplements placed in my lap, sometimes the answer was yes, more often than not the answer was no. This went on for almost an hour as she tried to get the combinations and dosages right! I started to think it was all a bit of hocus-pocus, but it was strange because there was no way I could have known what question she was asking, or have faked it in any way. If she thought that I was losing focus on holding my fingers together, she would ask the question a couple of times. She would also ask the question a number of different ways, so there was no way I could predict what she was going to ask!

I also think that if she was faking it, I would have walked out of there with MANY more bottles of pills than I did!

So anyway, I have started taking all of the remedies she gave me, so hopefully I will start to feel more in balance soon!


Splice said...

I have never heard of this sort of stuff before lol.
I hope it works!
It must have been an entertaining appointment.
Let us know how it goes.
Deb x

Kristy said...

This sounds really interesting. I would love to know if you find you are feeling more balanced after the herbs you are taking... I keep thinking about something like this.

Antigone said...

Hi Hil :)
Never heard of that kind of thing before.
Look forward to hearing how it all goes.
Have a great week hun :)