Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I've had the most horrible emotional week and a half... hormones have really played havoc with me for some reason this month. Its not so much been mood-swings, more like split personality! LOL! I have never felt such horrendous PMT. I have gone from calm and serene, to down and depressed, to stressed and panic-y, and then back to being down in the dumps. There's not been a lot of "ups", I've been a very unhappy camper, and not a nice person to be around!

Anyway, the storm broke yesterday - unfortunately we were out shopping for cars at the time, and I ended up sitting in our car gasping with the most painful cramps and nausea that I can ever remember. 4 panadol did not even take the edge off. As soon as we got home I spent the rest of the morning curled up with a heat bag. I dont want to go through that again next month!

Apart from me being a basket-case all weekend, we had a nice Easter break. Had some friends over for dinner and few games of table tennis on Friday night, but mostly we just relaxed. I will even venture to say that we were a bit bored. No renovations, no gallavanting about. Just some quiet home time.

Did shoulders and back yesterday, felt very weak due to T.O.M. Then I followed it with a 20 minute jog, which I was surprised I managed since my legs felt rubbery. Got home yesterday afternoon feeling all motivated so I took the dogs for a walk and then went for a 4km jog. Feeling it a bit this morning though - especially since I trained legs this morning! I think my hammies and calves are going to be sore tomorrow!


Kristy said...

Oh I hate PMS pains. I went through a few motnhs when I didn't have the implanon in my arm and I got the worst period pain ever. I got it put back in mainly just to stop the pain...

Hope your feeling better soon

Doris's New Beginning! said...

I thought you looked down this morning when you jumped on the tready!!!
PMS along with any hormonal issues just sucks! Wish I could pass on my euphoric feelings at the moment. I am enjoying the feeling, so great not to be down in the dumps.
Look at least your TOM is regular, I haven't had mine for over 10 weeks now.


Anonymous said...

I end up the way you have just described and i hate it. I find that ibuprofen helps relieve the pain a lot better than panadol. I have also been taking evening primrose oil and i have found that my mood swings are no where near as bad and the pain is more than halved.

Antigone said...

Gosh hun you sound like me!
It doesn't happen every month sort of ever forth month and I am really ill, really moody and down right buggered! It's dreadful, I hope your feeling better tomorrow hun :)

Selina said...

Hope you're feeling better Hils :)

Raechelle said...

Have you looked into any herbal remedies-your pms sounds pretty awful.
I get cramps and grouchy-but- that sounded much worse.
Hope your feeling better now!