Friday, August 08, 2014

Write that week off

Right, so I went SO well for 2 weeks.  Tracked my food, tracked my exercise, started to see results.  Started to feel great.

Even my physio told me that I was fully recovered from my Pelvic Crossed Syndrome, and basically set me free!  I was exuberant!  I had the all-clear to start doing lower body exercises again, and to trial jogging!  OMG!!

And then, last Friday, it hit me.  The Flu that has pretty much claimed everyone in my broad circle, finally got me.  And as I lay dying on the lounge last Friday night, I thought "Why does this always happen when I get a good rhythm going?"

And it wasn't just me.  Husband woke up on Saturday morning and started heaving his guts up... so there's me shivering with fevers and chills, body aches and nausea, and my husband trying not to vomit up his water and also with body aches and chills... and two healthy kids running rings around us!

The whole weekend was spent in a horizontal position.  There was lots of moaning to be heard. The kids pretty much subsisted on any packet of food that could be opened by a parent with one hand and one eye open.

Husband bounced back quickly, and was back at work on Monday.  However I took until yesterday to begin to feel human again.  Ugh...

So - lets strike that week off and start again shall we?

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