Monday, July 21, 2014

Fall over, get back up

Well I kinda fell off the radar last week...

This sums it up:

  1. Husband went away for work for the week, I was single mumming it for the week -and I must say I take my hat off to those who do it all day, every day - phew its hard work!
  2. My 16 year old pussy cat went to the vet for some more medication and check up, and his kidney disease is worsening and now I have to try to give him sub-cutaneous fluids under his skin a few days a week.  On top of that, he really needs some dental work as he has some decaying back teeth - but he's so small and lost so much weight (he's only 2.9kgs now) that its risky... I could lose him just from having some teeth pulled.  The cost of this is also a very big factor, which makes me feel incredibly guilty and so so sad.  I spent most of last week crying.
  3. Glandular Fever relapse number 2... when does it end?  More night fevers, stomach aches, swollen tonsils... and little sleep.  I now have her pumped up on the following: Olive Leaf Extract, Homeopathic drops, Probiotics, Multi-vitamins, fruit/vegetable juice, salt-water gargles and no sugary/junk food or snacks!
  4. Head cold for me.  The least of my worries.

Some old habits crept back in last week. Blah.

I have gotten up this week with renewed determination though.  We are finally sleeping well again so I have printed up my plan and stuck it on the fridge.  I'm going to ask my husband to randomly check with me through the week how my training is going, or how my nutrition is going.  I think this is going to have a big impact on me, as I have felt for a long time now that what I am missing is ACCOUNTABILITY.    I don't even care if he doesn't listen to the answer, I just want him to ask me.

Today I was looking through my bookcase and came across my old falling-apart copy of "Body For Life"!  Wow, what a blast from the past!  I did a BFL style resistance training workout this morning and loved it. It was nice to enjoy exercising again.  I also did 20 mins on the treadmill, I don't know if this was too much for my hip issue, but time will tell.

I am also re-reading "Fatitude" by Craig Harper.  Forgotten how helpful that book is.

Anyway, its time I started work for the day - bye for now!

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Anonymous said...

It's times like this that I fall back on my old friend "Sugar" and it is so hard to stop. I know about the single mumming thing to. Will have to deal with that this weekend. Hope things improve. Christine