Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrating new arrivals

My best friend and I have known each other since we were 18, where we both worked at her dads company. I sort of became like an adopted daughter to the boss, and D and I, although world apart in terms of temperament and personality, became firm friends.

She was a party girl, while I was more sedate. She has traveled the world a lot, while I’ve only been overseas once. She has had tumultuous, crazy relationships with guys, while I tended to settle down. She always appeared wealthy and wore expensive clothes, while I wore Target and Kmart, and drove an economical car.

We have been through so much together over the years… from the tragic death of her little brother, car accidents, relationship breakups, moving interstate or overseas, to her being by my side on my beautiful wedding day – we’ve been there for each other.

She is my most beloved, beautiful, amazing best friend. She is the only girlfriend who I actually say “I love you” to, on a regular basis.

Despite these differences, there was one thing we were both decided on, and certain of. We were both NEVER having kids.

We know how that all ended up with me… I laugh at myself sometimes when I remember how adamant I was that I was never going to go down that path. My favourite catch-cry was “I’m too selfish to have kids!” The thought of having kids made me shudder. The thought of going 9 months without alcohol was too much to contemplate too!

I have friends that have ALWAYS wanted to be mamas. They were born to do it, and it fits them as naturally as can be.

I was on a slow burn from about age 30. It took 2 years to go from “never having kids” to full-blown “I WANNA HAVE A BABY!! NOWWWWW”. And then it took from age 32 to 34 to actually have one, because of fertility issues.

But D, she never really faltered. Even when her friends all had bubs around her, she still didn’t really seem interested.

Then 2 years ago, she met a new man, and then it all changed. Suddenly she wanted to have a baby, and she wanted to cuddle and kiss my babies til their cheeks were red. It was like suddenly this maternal switch had been flicked, and she was already a mama, just one without a child yet.

Seeing her with her baby bump was so precious.

And I got to meet the new lil bubba last week. And I’m so happy she finally got to join this most beautiful and amazing “club” of motherhood. It’s a whole new world. You laugh, love and cry like never before.

For two "selfish" girls who were never having kids -- we're doing alright.

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