Monday, April 09, 2012

This week I'm loving:

...smelling babies heads after a bath

Nothing smells quite like a little cherub, freshly emerged from a bath. I’ve been loving the “Burts Bees” Baby Bee product line – smells absolutely divine! I bought a little trial/gift pack a while back, and loved it so much that I logged onto the website and went crazy buying stuff. I even wash Kobys hair almost every day, just so I can continue to feed my addiction of smelling his head every day.

...comforting an upset bubba

All my life I’ve loved playing the “nurse” whenever people are sick or injured. I remember when I was a teenager, I’d go to parties and invariably a female friend would drink too much and end up sick in the toilet. I’d always be the one sitting in there with them, holding their hair back, patting their back and bringing them glasses of water. Also, I quite like looking at gory cuts, bloody wounds, and all things gross. I’m usually quite calm in a crisis too!

So when missy moo injures herself, there’s nothing I like better than to 'make it all better' for my little one until she feels better. So far, there’s been nothing more major than a split lip, or a grazed knee – nothing a Wiggles band aid and a cuddle with mama wont fix. Extra bonus for me is that my extremely exuberant toddler actually sits quietly for a few minutes, while I get to shower her with affection.

...building on my fitness

Ok so my fitness has fallen by the wayside lately – what little ‘spare’ time I have these days is dedicated to eating lunch, doing a quick clean up, or trying to relax with a chapter from a book for 10 mins before one or both kids wake up.

But fitness is still really important to me, and I feel a bit lost when I don’t do anything, so a couple of weeks ago I devised a plan. Some may call it a very laid-back plan, but a plan it is. I have started by doing just a little bit every day and build on it. My husband bought me some kettlebells for my birthday back in January so I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate those into my workouts.

So week 1 I started by doing 700 kettlebell swings (12kg) in a week, plus drink 2 litres of water per day. That’s it. No pressure. I can do the swings whenever suits – 100 swings per day is nothing and only takes a few minutes, and if I miss a day its no biggie because it’s a WEEKLY goal, not a daily one and I can do more on another day.

Week 2 was 700 swings, plus 60 crunches and 60 pushups.

Week 3 saw me doing 700 swings, 80 crunches, 80 pushups and 100 walking lunges.

Last week was week 4 and I planned on doing 700 swings, 80 crunches, 80 pushups, 150 walking lunges and 3km on the treadmill… lets juts say that week 4 got slightly derailed from Wednesday onwards, what with having hubby home, visitors, more social occasions, chocolate around the house and Koby being quite unsettled for a few days. Not concerned, we’ll just pick up where we left off and keep going.

I’m not sure how its going to go results-wise, because I’m not doing these exercises in a block (just doing little bits here and there so that I achieve the weekly goal, so I guess I’m not really getting my heart rate up for long) but I’m feeling better just for doing SOMETHING, and its getting me back into the habit again.

Last week I amused myself by doing walking lunges down to the letterbox and back, having acreage has its benefits :)


Kristy said...

Hilary I am doing something similar for my exercise, except I just said I want to run to the end of the street and back each morning, plus one strength exercise, so far I do 3 laps of the street and am enjoying doing planks, it's good to do little bits, that all add up :)

linda said...

Fantastic idea having a weekly plan- allows for 'wobble room' and you end up feeling stronger for having achieved your goal!

Hilary said...

Yes you are so right there Kristy, those little bits do add up, and I'm hoping that it will get me back into the routine of doing something most days. Hope your training is going well.

Thats the plan Linda!

Hilary xx