Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"They're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight..."

"... shunting trucks and hauling freight..."

GAH! I just cannot get the Thomas The Tank Engine theme tune out of my friggin head!!

Its been on permanent repeat in my brain for days now. Skye just loves watching it, she thinks its hilarious. I think she likes the big faces, she watches it and chuckles and giggles the whole time :) And she loves it when mummy sings along to the theme songs, so I'm getting to know them all pretty well by now hehehe

I also get random words stuck in my head too. Does anyone else get this? I know lots of people get songs stuck in their heads, but do you also get random words? It seems to come from things I see or hear in the news. Last week the word was "Nhulunbuy" - a town in NT... it was on the weather map on the Today show one morning. Lately its been "Roland Garros" - that tennis tournament in France.

So whenever theres a lull in my thoughts, the "word of the week" just pops in there, just to say hi. Hmmm, maybe I'm losing it?

It goes like this "Ok, better remember to get that washing out of the dryer. Roland Garros. Oh wait, whats the time? Roland Garros" LOL!

I've just googled it. Interestingly there is a term for this, seems like I've got an earworm! Tiredness is probably the culprit :)


I'm going to be sore tomorrow... I trained shoulders, bi's and tri's this morning. I went a bit heavier than I probably should have, and my arms had the shakes for a while afterwards! I'm training at home while Skye is sleeping. We've got a weights station on our back patio, with an adjustable bench, preacher curl pad, dip station and squat rack. Its quite handy, although I'm not a fan of adjustable dumbells, it seems to take forever to change the plates. I use the house windows as "mirrors". Oh, and I've taken to wearing my ugg boots to train in. Just cos I can :)

I've also discovered that hefting a 7kg bub up and down in the air is an awesome chest workout too :) She loves it, and I get tired of it a hell of a lot quicker than she does. I might carry her around for walking lunges next. And all my powerwalks are so much harder with her strapped to my chest in the Baby Bjorn (and being pulled along by the dog).

Oh, and I got FIVE straight hours sleep last night - feel like a new woman!


Kristy said...

Training in your ugg boots would be great Hilary.

My sisters baby is quite a good workout so I can imagine you are getting quite good arm muscles from all the lifting and carrying.

Rachel said...

Ah, Thomas features heavily here. Zach comments every time we come to an intersection that we have to switch points. He also gasts "gasps" at everything! I was told I was "really useful" too the other day - thanks Zachary!!

Hilary said...

Yeah Kristy, training in uggies is pretty cool - lucky nobody can see me hey?

Thats too cute Rachel!

Hilary xx