Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Oops been a bit slack with posting lately... we've been busy!

Last Monday (Labour Day holiday) we had a bit of a fun experience. All weekend OH had been saying that he ought to go dig some post holes for our new carport he’s building… and he put it off, and put it off… finally he decided that 4.30pm on Monday afternoon was the best time to start digging holes.

I was in the lounge room halfway through a kickboxing DVD, when I looked out the window and thought “hmmm – its raining!” – and I could hear water on the roof. Then I did a double-take – it wasn’t raining, OH had dug a hole and hit the water mains! We had a gigantic geyser spraying 10 metres into the air!

So he had to turn the water off, and then try to fix it. And of course, he didn’t have the bit of pipe that he needed to fix it, and being 5pm on a public holiday, nothing was open. He was all muddy from digging holes, and I was all sweaty from kickboxing, so we had to head up to the in-laws to have a shower. Then of course we had no water all night, so I had to shower at gym the next day while OH had the morning off work so he could fix it.

He’s having a bit of a bad run, my poor dear other half. This weekend just gone he wanted to chainsaw down some overhanging branches from some of our big gum trees. He did a great job, until I found that I couldn’t connect to the internet. I tried everything, turning modem off and on, turning computer off and on, re-installing modem, trying another USB port… and then OH discovered that one of the big branches that got cut down had dropped onto our phone line, severing it… luckily he was able to reconnect the wires and its all working again.

I’m now waiting and wondering what the third thing will be… :-)

We went to the movies on the weekend and saw Ironman in Gold Class (we had vouchers that had been sitting there for almost a year - had to use them up!). It was a pretty good movie - we even got a sundae delivered halfway through - yum, what a treat!

Looking forward to the weekend ahead – its going to be a big one! First the INBA comp on Saturday, it will be great to catch up with everyone again and meet some others for the first time. Then dinner on Saturday night, and then the IBO photo shoot on Sunday. Cant wait!


Kristy said...

Hilary just letting you know I have tagged you on my post. Details on my blog cheers Kristy

Antigone said...

Heres to your OH not hurting himself on the third "thing to go wrong" LOL

I hope your weekend is going well:)

Raechelle said...

Hey there! It was very nice meeting you saturday...I meant to tell you-you look sooooo much younger in person than on your pics!
Anyway-hope you had a nice was a good show.