Thursday, May 29, 2008

I hurt...

OMG I'm sore!!

I trained legs on Tuesday - did a different workout this time (it had been a while since a change) and I AM SO SORE! I did some barbell squats, which I havent done for a VERY long time, and I'm paying for it now :-(

Followed that up on Wednesday with a new chest and biceps session + abs, and my whole body is screaming. I haven't been able to train upper body successfully for a while since I had my neck/rib/shoulder blade injury last month, so while it was nice to get back into it - I knew I'd be in trouble this week!

I am so sore that it is super painful to roll over in bed. I had planned on hitting the gym this morning for a cycle class - but when the alarm went off I felt so awful that I didn't get up. I felt like I was coming down with something - my eyes were puffy and my inner ears felt itchy - so I went back to sleep. I actually almost slept in but my naughty Siamese cat started yowling at the bedroom door which woke me up. I was glad he woke me up so I wasn't late, but annoyed at the same time - I was having a lovely dream that I was meeting Ewan McGregor at a party! *Sigh*

I think I have managed to fight off the lurgy at the moment - the Olive Leaf Extract does a great job at warding off evil germs.

Anyway I had a chiro appointment before work this morning, where I'm still suffering from my trapezius pulling my shoulder & neck out. He says I need to watch my form when lifting and make sure I'm not straining my head forward, as this could be causing the problem. Its funny how all the injuries I've ever had have all been down my right-hand side. I dont get that.

Well this is a bit of a rambling post about nothing, so I'd better go do something constructive! Have a wonderful night!


Ali said...

Love the pics on your blog, hope your DOMS are feeling better :)

I have an eliptical like yours :) However I don't use it much *tit tit* LOL

have a great weekend!!

Ali xxx

Antigone said...

I hope your feeling better hun :)