Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tis the season

Well I'm floating in and out from my "funk" of my last post.  The excitement of this time of year is infectious, with an almost-3-year-old around, she's constantly pointing out things like Christmas Trees at the shops, fairy lights, Santa hats, tinsel, and toys in catalogues.  Nothing escapes her notice, everything is downright thrilling.  I'm so eager to put the Christmas Tree up this year, that I'm almost counting down the days.

Ask her where Santa lives, and she excitedly declares "The NORTH POLE!!"

We have plans to go visit Santa at the shopping mall sometime very soon, and we also might send him a letter.  She has known what she wants for quite some time - a scooter.  A pink one.  The other day she said it had to be a 'Barbie' one.

"Oh?" I said "Not a Dora one?".

"No, mummy.  A Barbie one."

Oh dear.  Unfortunately Santa already bought a Dora one, some months ago in fact, and its hiding under our bed in readiness for the big day.

The other night, daddy asked her if she thought Santa would come down our chimney.  She looked at him like he had rocks in his head.  "Nooooo, daddy!  hehehe" -- obviously she hasn't heard that part of the story yet!

So how does he get in?

(deep concentration) - "through the door?"

How can you be down in the dumps, with so much excited anticipation around?

Amidst all this Christmas cheer, Koby's 1st birthday is fast approaching.  There is a mixture of emotions about this.  How did my little man get to be almost ONE?  It astounds me how fast the years are flashing past.  They will be in high school before I know it, and all this will seem like a blur.

Best I remind myself to stop and smell the roses again eh?

Soaking up some random lovliness from the last few weeks:

First steps:

He took his first steps last week, and we were excited and proud and so happy.  

Skye took her first steps at exactly 10 months, and every day afterwards I had all the time in the world to spend with her, to encourage her and help her practice, so she was very steady on her feet within about a week of starting.  I think Koby will be much slower, primarily because I cant devote the same amount of attention to his endeavours.  Skye gets supremely jealous whenever we encourage him to walk, so his 'practice' sessions are either very short, or done on the sly when Skye napping.   He also seems to have a much shorter attention span!

Wearing a pearl choker as a princess crown... as you do.

Because as we all know, one of the best things about going to visit your Nanna is raiding her jewellery collection and putting on every single thing you can find. Nanna has an abundance of costume jewellery. Skye doesn’t care if its “real” or not, she just wants to put it in, and that’s all that matters.

Our current favourite is "my crown". She never fails to ask for it. Its actually a ‘pearl’ choker. After putting it on every week, she admires herself in the mirror for a good few minutes. Priceless. Who needs diamonds?

Wearing mummy's shoes is another favourite:

Running Races

I’m not sure where it came from, but Skye loves practicing her running. She hunkers down in position on the carpet at night, and says “Mummy can I do runnings?”

So then I have to say “READY… SET… GO!” and clap my hands together to simulate the gun going off.
She then races through the lounge room, through the kitchen, and down the hallway, until she’s back to the start. We can do this over and over, and you can guarantee that I’ll get tired of it before she does.

We did this the other week outside, and she ran around me and Koby, dodging the washing line and the odd tree… wearing herself out in the process.

Love the expression on her face - and the assortment of bracelets!
Happy Thursday!

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