Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This time next week...

This time next week we'll be on holiday, lazing on the beach, sipping cocktails and relaxing...

and the lead up to this week long break has been exhausting...

Man, it takes so much preparation to go away for a few days.  And thats if its just yourself.  Add in 2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat and its organised chaos around here.  I have lists coming out of my ears.  I feel like there's a lot of pressure to think of everything, to be supermum and not forget anyone or any single necessary item.

We have a friend who is kindly house-sitting while we're away, so luckily thats the pets taken care of.  The kids have been "practicing" staying at Grandmas and Koby is now so good at sleeping in his cot over there, that he actually naps better at Grandmas house than in his own home - how does that even happen?!!

Today I did some last minute running around & clothes shopping because its the last chance I'll get to do so without the kids with me.  I actually bought 2 more dresses... I know, what is wrong with me??  I have not stopped moving all day, and now at 8.15pm, I'm finally sitting down, try to relax for an hour or so, and then to bed. 

I may not get back to blogland before we leave next Monday, but stay tuned for some (hopefully) lovely photos of glorious beaches, fruity cocktails and maybe a sunset or two when we get back!

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Pip said...

Awww Hilary!

Fiji is GORGEOUS! I really hope you and your hubby have a fantastic time over there. I was there in 2004, my biggest regret was that I didn't take enough pics. You sound to be very organised regarding your pets and children!

Hope you have an awesome relaxing fun trip, I really look forward to the pics and blog update! I head to Thailand Friday next week, hope to get some good photos and have a fantastic time, - then I can enjoy writing a great travel blog on my return!

Pip :-)