Sunday, June 05, 2011

15 weeks

The weeks are flying past – only another 25 weeks to go LOL!!

So now I’m past the first trimester I’m feeling a lot better, so nice to feel relatively normal again!

Although having said that, I’ve picked up a cold – booo!

I haven’t been sick for a LONG time, I think the last time was when I was pregnant with Skye, so its been maybe 2 years – a bit of a shock to the system! Normally whenever I feel a tickle in the throat I’m quick to dose up on good old Olive Leaf Extract – multiple spoonfuls of that usually sees me waking up just fine the next day. But of course you cant take anything like that when you’re pregnant.  :(  So its been lemon juice, manuka honey, and Butter Menthols all week. 

Anyway, since I haven't been sick in ages, I've been moaning about it all week.  My hubby is the kind who DOESN'T want sympathy when he's sick, he just wants to be left alone - never grumbles (yes I know, how was I lucky enough to score one of those men??).  But the opposite side to that is, when its ME that gets sick, I get no sympathy from him at all LOL!!

My bicep tendonitis seems to be flaring up at the moment too.   My whole right shoulder, rotator cuff, shoulder blade and lats seem to be involved, and its at the point where its getting painful to raise my arm above shoulder height when my arm is outstretched.  I haven't done any shoulder exercises for a while, so I'm not sure why its playing up now.  Possibly picking up a 17 month old doesn't help.  Might have to eventually see somebody about that.  But who?  Physio?  Acupuncture?  Massage?

I've got my first hospital appointment this week, deciding to go to public hospital again.  After doing the sums, its going to end up costing about $3000 out of pocket to have this baby private.  We had an awesome experience with public last time, I could not fault them - you even get your own room with a shared ensuite, and the care and the food was fantastic - so we'll do that again and I think I'll just downgrade my private health insurance since we wont be using the Obstetrics side of things now.

So as you can see, nothing very exciting going on here, anyway I'd better get off here and get my week organised!  Enjoy your Sunday night!


Running Fan said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better and the morning sickness is gone. Iam currently 25 weeks and still suffering from the 24hrs a day variety. Luckily the baby is so worth it in the end. Looking forward to reading about your journey.

Bejdzix said...