Monday, September 22, 2008

You know you're getting old when... get excited about kitchen-ware purchases!

I've been down in the dumps all week, so on Saturday OH and I went shopping. He got a new mobile phone (Nokia E71) and I got some kitchen stuff from a Kitchen warehouse near us.

We were like kids in a toy store - I couldn't believe how much cool stuff there is in a kitchenware shop! OH got some new drink shaker bottles (for protein shakes etc) and he was quite obsessed over a juicer, and some potato slicer/V slicer thingy - he never cooks, so I dont know why - I think he just likes gadgets!

I bought a new chopping board, my old white plastic one has needed retiring for ages now, so I bought a spiffy new bamboo one, very similar to this one: AAAAAND I got a new frying pan - its a Scan Pan 32cm 'saute' pan, we opted for that one over the regular 'fry pan' because the saute pan came with a lid and had slightly deeper sides.
I cant believe how confusing it is to buy a good quality non-stick fry pan, we stood in that shop for about an hour, quizzing the staff on this one or that one, picking them up and comparing... OH is good at this kind of stuff! So now I have a super-duper pan that should last a LONG time.

Apparently all this time I have been doing the wrong thing by my old non-stick fry pans. Apparently Olive Oil is one of the worst things you can cook with (in terms of wrecking your pan) because it has a fairly low 'burn' point. Its better to use Grapeseed or Avocado Oil instead, as it has a much higher burn point and wont leave a residue on the non-stick surface as much. Also, apparently spray oil is bad too.

I cooked a few things on the weekend (had to try out my new toy) and only used the smallest drop of Grapeseed oil - I was amazed at how the food just slid around the pan LOL!

I'm super tired today - I think I had about 3 hours sleep last night. I feel like a bit of a zombie.


SeLiNa said...

LOL - I think you ARE getting old Miss Hils!!!
I never knew that about what oils to use in the non-stick pans either.

Pip said...

You learn something new everyday! I too find any new gadgets, appliances or stuff like that very exciting! I couldn't believe I spent 2 hours in Myer the other day deciding what bed sheets to buy! I was considering the price, how they'd feel, wear, look and everything! And I'm loving the new smooth sheets, (still bought the cheapest ones in end but in WHITE) but am making an effort to look after them, (such as wash them properly!)

Dunno, - I'm already making goals to achieve by my 30th b-day! LOL