Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Hmmmm my blogging "block" seems to be continuing - I'm struggling to find things to blog about lately!

Work has been busy - sometimes I really just love the fact that I can get in my car and drive around for the day - its nice not to be chained to a desk all the time. It does have its drawbacks though - it means that I cant have stir-fries or hot food for lunch unless I've organised to be in the office that day. In winter I really miss my stir-fries and rice - unfortunately a salad doesn't really cut it when its cold outside! I've been having sandwiches, although I'm not a huge fan.

One day last week I was out of the car for a good couple of hours, and when I came back I was starving for lunch - but horror-of-horrors, I had left the lid off my cooler bag, and my food had gotten all warm - yuk! So I did something I havent done in a VERY long time - I headed for the golden arches. I ended up with a lean beef burger, which wasn't too bad, at least it wasn't huge and I still felt like I had a bit of portion control. I have definetly learned my lesson though, keep that cooler bag shut tight!

Last week I had another go at front squats and deadlifts, and I think I must have done it with correct form this time - I didn't really add much weight to the bar, but OH MY GOD I was sore for the rest of the week! I could barely walk on Thursday and Friday, and to be honest they are still feeling a bit tender. The thing I like about those front squats is that they seem to work your shoulders too - so you get a two-for-one workout - bargain!

Anyway, must go and organise my meals for tomorrow. Good luck to everyone competing at the All Females this weekend!


Magda said...

Hey Hilary, I do a bit of driving both metro and country for my work too and I TOTALLY agree about missing the hot food. Brave girl venturing into Maccas!! I hate their food so its one temptation I dont have to deal with. But show me a country home-style bakery and OMG I'm craving all that bad food BIG TIME!!

:-) Magda

Splice said...

I haven't eaten from the golden arches in yonks! But I remember being desperate on day but it worked out okay as I had the chicken salad, not bad when desperate! lol
HAve a great week.

SeLiNa said...

Desperate times (hunger) call for desperate measures (arches!).
That's not a bad choice though, it could have been worse... a LOT worse!! ;)